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  1. We are no different to other clubs, its the same all over.

    Try another stand.


  2. If you are talking about age , look around at all grounds these days. The average age has gone up nationwide. No evidence that NCFC are older than elsewhere.

    If you are talking about oddness, look around anywhere and everywhere , every Town and City full of all sorts.

    All reports tonight are mentioning the great crowd atmosphere today, maybe you missed that.

  3. Morty, don''t get your agist point.

    When we played Fulham in the cup , the place was full of young fans as many regulars stayed away.

    I was there but surrounded by teenagers and younger fans who made no noise at all, in fact it was the quietest atmosphere I can remember.

    Next game the regulars (of all ages) were back and the noise returned.

  4. [quote user="Hughtons P45.2"]So it''s a real shocker that west ham have improved to you then, new signings and carroll coming back shouldn''t have given them a lift no? Also just because your arguments weak doesn''t mean you need to insult me. All it does is make you look petulant.[/quote]

    That''s actually quite funny .

    And no spelling mistakes.

    Is your Mum helping you?

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