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  1. i really think chris powell could do a good job for us if or when we need a new man in
  2. i think chris powell could do a good job for us if lamb chops do go to villa , which i hope dont otbc
  3. IF Lamb chops do go . how about chris powell from charlton
  4. Time to tell villa we want 3 million if Lambert goes there as pays for new manager to come in as its will cost to bring in the new boss , if he goes should get in someone like carl robinson
  5. think we are all about the same age group. was a great day out . i remember i was wearing a white boilersuit which was very muddy and. when the coppers hat was being passed around. even old lil was trying to get on the pitch before full time lol
  6. Watford 1-2 Norwich Norwich 2-1 Forest Ipswich 0-1 Norwich Holt to get 90 min winner at north stand end & runs over towards ipswich crazy & blow him a kiss
  7. I think another 18 pts will see use go up, 5 wins & 3 draws as long as we get something at swansea , which will give us 84pts on the ball city
  8. made me laugh so much i have put it on my facebook home page , as if i ever have s crap day i can just watch it lol. i wounder if h e is a Jehovahs witness lol.
  9. love us to play this team Ruddy Martin Barnett Nelson Whitbread Drury Lansbury Crofts Hoolahan Holt Martin
  10. didnt tell any one to kick any bins . it was just to be a bit of fun , did tell people to bring tissues as we will laughing & dancing in the street .
  11. i know as took the mick when we went down , its call banter
  12. i have just been band from twtd web site lol only asked who was going to the street party outside portaloo road on april the 21st when agent roy job is done & over 2000 peple will be dancing in the street
  13. it was my ball what was used in the mass kick about in the car park , we got to wembley at about 12-30 am on the sunday morning . my mate had this ticket nicked form his coat but we got him another one. the sunderland lads where great . never played 200 a side football again . what a great day . even Lowestoft journal did a bit on him getting his ticket nicked lol. on the ball city
  14. do any one know where i can download on the ball city for my new phone  please many thanks
  15. i believe 3 wins & 2 draws will do it ,so after MK DONS game we should be up. on the ball city
  16. song will get them going is . 17 points clear & you f****D  it up
  17. taken form main site  Super members can now buy their seat for the top of the table clash with Leeds United on Saturday, March 27 (3pm). They will go on sale to season ticket holders and members from 9am on Monday, March 1 and then become available on general sale one week later.
  18. i did put . pull out on twtd . but put down wrong on here lol . cant see them getting no more than 11,000 if town went down .
  19. will M.E put out of your club if you go down. when you get only 11-000 next season . noone wanted to answer my question lol . ON THE BALL CITY
  20. soldiers  will  get a good hand from both set of fans . but as being a ex royal anglian you might not heard the thing about the paras.  Only two things fall from the sky is birds s**t   and paras . a army joke . Respects on the ball city .
  21. how about  home fans buying tickets & selling them on to city fans . as the  bloke who got our tickets made  £ 50 on  5 tickets
  22. going to say  schools  hamilton primary  school & the gilbert school . & fav player  was  ray crawford  who scored  V  leeds  . p.s   to the spy  thanks to 1 of your season tickets holders for getting our tickets before xmas lol
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