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  1. Hillington Dersingham Catterick Krefeld Monchengladbach Lisburn, NI Armagh Dartford Maidstone Detroit, MI Milwaukee WI so it seems i''m getting further away, bloody wife and her fancy plans!  
  2. Does anybody know who films the beam back game (sky, itv, bbc etc).
  3. Don''t hold your breath to watch Norwich (or any games that are not prem) over here, FSC (fox soccer channel) has mostly top division games from England, Italy, Spain, Germany and MLS, ESPN has games every now and again but once again  all top division or champions cup. The Guy who runs the NY Canaries seems a good lad, and the pub they have set up shop is called the George Keeley 485 Amsterd.am Avenue (between 83rd and 84th streets), NY, 10024. Tel: 212 873 0251 Not been there yet, but flly intend to go when I go to NY. If you have sombody with a sky account that includes the sports, they can open an online account (so they can stream their sky to a pc). Get a UK IP address hidemynet.com is the one i use (cost $10 a month), and roberts your mothers brother, you can watch sky, bbc, itv etc.
  4. This as my American mates over here would say "just sucks balls". I tried Canary world when i first came over here an really could not get along with it (the wife wants music or the tv on at that time of the day, she''s a Gooner what do you expect) so the live text was a win win situation for me, I could fade out her noise (music,tv and voice) and interact with fans. This is a sad loss for the exiles. On a lighter note still looking forward to this season.   OTBC
  5. I think rule 4 is a bit harsh, how are the pies and beer going to be ordered if they (the lovely female fans) can''t talk, i suppose a sub clause of "unless in "front of a till" [;)]
  6. It was a great day, seeing a sea of yellow and green (gold and green for the nortern monkeys) is a pure sight to behold. Simon could talk for bloody England, but then so can my wife.
  7. Thanks for letting me use your transport up to the game (little fat lad who nearly missed the bus home), and all those who helped to get me on there (Stella, Dave and Pete). Beau for the offer of a lift, and the team for winning on my first vist in 3 1/2 years. Top day out, 3-4 years from now when i''m back in God''s country i''ll be saying thanks after we have a scrappy win over Man U.   OTBC. oh and I did not leave my seat early :)  
  8. If you are abroad you can get a uk isp number for 10 dollars (us), then get one of your good mates who has sky sports to set up the internet so you can watch all of sky sports, and iplayer, itv etc.
  9. vertically challenged, terminally stupid and generally confused with anything.
  10. Thanks Stella, like I said i don''t know if my text got to him, I know you leave at 12 from tescos in gaywood, do you meet up before hand for a drink, stop on the way or have a few on the way back?
  11. Don''t forget that Hartlepool, Gillingham, Tranmere, Exeter, Southend and Wycombe are going to be in a demotion scrap, so unless they just roll over and die that will also take some hard(er) games to some of the top teams. I did''nt count Stockport as I truely believe they are down (bit  of a shame really, i always liked them).
  12. crap! now my trust in has been broken, why would somboby possibly make false statments about thenselves, then come on here building all our hopes up, just for me to find out it''s all a load of pony. I wanted to go into the office for a chat.
  13. Where is the office in Milwaukee, I live there so i''ve done a rudamentry local search and can not find anything about Donoch in this fine Brewing city (if you call miller fine) except for a Robert Leib out of Mequon with Leib Advisors on a Marquette PDF document.
  14. That has got to be better than anusol championship league
  15. Thats great thanks, and believe me i really do appreciate the offer and i''m not treating it as a last resort, but this is the only game i''ll get to in a long, long time and the whole bus group atmosphere thing is somthing i''d like try to do, (except some of the club cabbage stories should really have put me off busses and footy). If i have not heard anything before the 24th I''ll take you up on your offer.
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