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  1. IMO, we should adopt a siege mentality for the rest of the season. It''s US versus them. Close ranks around the squad and build that real siege mentality. Obviously, with another penalty decision not paid(what is that No.4 or 5 for the year) and obviously managers like Fergie who will not loan us players but happy to do so for ex-United players points to NCFC being treated with contempt. Adopting that siege mentality has worked for teams who struggle toward the end of seasons. Your thoughts.    
  2. I have just seen that Kieron Richardson went to West Brom. Can anybody tell me why Fergie refused to let him come to NCFC but allowed him leave on loan to West Brom. Is it the Robson factor?
  3. Well, as we can all see, we have lost again, alot of opportunities created but no one to finish them. Campbell, interestingly both Pandiani and Camara scored for their respective teams. And FYI, Pandiani will cost Brimingham £500,000 for the 6 month loan. Since you seem to know all about the clubs financial issues, I am pretty sure we could have afforded that.
  4. [quote]thanks - they''re even cheaper in $[/quote] That is true.
  5. Campbell, we have the equal worst defence in the league tied with West Brom and we don''t need a quality defender like Bernard. Pandiani who is only on loan may not be happy but he has already scored for Birmingham. Wouldn''t have been a bad addition to our squad as we need as many goals aswe can get I would have thought. Camara, well, take your point about possibly being troublsome but he is a proven goalscorer and as a loan player would again have been IMO well worth the risk. Djemba-Djemba, we couldn''t afford Ashton either. Pennant who again on loan would have been well worth the risk, personal issues aside. If he goes to jail he goes to jail, the loan deal ceases. Would have been worth the risk. Our squad would be better off with everyone of these players. The squad we have at present particlaury backline does not have alot of quality, apart from Geeno of course.
  6. Anderz, sorry, excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by pants player.
  7. Barclayendboy - whose to say that we did go in for them. We will probably never know because it''s all cloke and dagger stuff. It comes back to my original statement, we are just not aggressive enough. If we did go in for all of them, why wouldn''t they want to at least come on loan. NCFC is generally acknowledged as one of the best run and best football clubs to play at but we cannot get any of note to assist us in our survival battle. Oh, btw, here you go "Making plans for" £.
  8. So in your mind Graeme Stuart is a better signing than everybody on that list. What a joke!! I left Bellamy off that list also, we could have afforded that loan deal Celtic got him for. I suppose he''s rubbish as well. Blindness optimism at it''s best.
  9. I cannot believe that after all the permanent and loan signings during the window all we get is Stuart. Now, before you all jump up and down, yes, Ashton''s signing was a coup and should be applauded but it seems like after the board and Worthy orchestrated the deal they went back to sleep. Survival in the premiership is paramount and we pick up a 34 year old reserve team player from Charlton. Just look at some of the deals completed late in the window period: Olivier Bernard - $400,000 to SouthamptonWalter Pandiani - $500,000/6 month deal to BirminghamHenri Camara - loan deal to SouthamptonEric Djemba Djemba - loan deal sold to Villa for less than $2m.Jermaine Pennant - loan deal to BirminghamAll of the above players would be a welcome addition to our squad and would assist in our survival attempts and they are at prices we could afford. BUT, we just do not seem to be able be aggressive enough in our negotiations or maybe even not thinking outside the box enough to get these things done. Every player that comes into the squad from other parts of the country or from abroad love Norwich and Norfolk in general yet still we struggle to get the sort of players that will really make a difference. I would be interested in your opinions. I am keeping the faith. OTBC
  10. I thought Chrlton had a broken bone in his foot also. Should be out for a couple of weeks.
  11. What a great addition he would be? Is this just a rumour or is their something in the wind.  
  12. I would like to apologise to Worthy and the board for questioning their ambition for survival in the Premiership. Worthy is truly the master of the BLUFF. Looking forward to seeing Ashton settle in and score the goals needed for us to move away from the relegation zone. OTBC  
  13. Sun Online is reporting that Inter Milan are about to lodge a $2 million quid offer for Ryan Giggs. Surely, for $2m would would be interested in him.
  14. The thing that I don''t get is, last season Worthy and the board took a punt and spent more than they wanted to on Hucks and it proved to be a master stroke by providing the impetus we needed to secure promotion. But, now, here we are in arguably the toughest league in the world and they will not structure or extend the budget for a proven goalscorer to help us staying in the Premiership for more than one season.  
  15. The Sun online are reporting that Worthy is signing Jamie Scowcroft for $500,000. Please tell me that this is just a rumour that has got out of control. Surely, if Ashton and Bent are out of our price range then someone like Harwood or Johnnson?? from Charlton would be a better pick. Seems to me that Worthy and board are happy for one trip to the Premiership and get the balloon payments upon relegation. Scowcroft is NOT the answer to our goal scoring problems. Happy to be proved wrong though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11      
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