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  1. Cockneys/inferiority complex cos they''re not a city/Terry "C**t" Butcher/ ugly, retarded population. Need I go on?......
  2. I know we have a lot of fengibbon fans but this is ridiculous. OK, so he did one good cross? So what. Lappin is a League 1/League 2 player at best and was extremely poor last time in the championship. He is the definite weak link in the squad and needs to be got rid of.
  3. That is probably the most embarrassing set of pictures of our "Supporters" I think I''ve ever seen. Sometimes the muppetry of my fellow Norwich fans knows no bounds, what with the pathetic wigs and jester hats. Truly, truly excruciating. I''m actually glad I wasn''t at Charlton now.
  4. Totally agree. Whilst this season has been fun, the fact is we should never have been in League 1 in the first place and yes, I do blame Delia and her cronies for it. A club with the stature of Norwich celebrating getting out of the old third division is rather embarrassing quite frankly, but no doubt the many muppets and happy clappers that infest our support will be clamouring for an appearance of ''HRH Delia'' on the balcony of City Hall to greet her adoring public (or should that be sheep?) Just give us the frigging trophy after Carlisle and move on.
  5. [quote user="......and Smith must score."]Thanks for posting the info about tomorrow nights game Slade.We haven''t played Leyton Orient much at all in recent years Until this season I think the last time we met was in the FA Cup 3rd Round way back in 1976 ? I was there that night at Carrow Rd when we were in the top flight and three minutes from the end the legendary Peter kitchen sent a bullet header into the net to give the O''s a shock win.Not so sure you''re right in thinking we''re going to cruise home. We''ve been a bit wobbly lately and our main goalscorer is suspended so I don''t think most off us reckon it''ll be a walk in the park tomorrow night.My first trip to Brisbane Rd and I''m looking forward to it...[/quote] The last time we played Orient was home and away in 1982 on the way to promotion. The home game was the last at CR that season and there was a magnificent pitch invasion at the end. Happy days!
  6. Haven''t you got some ironing to be getting on with love?
  7. You wouldn''t have lasted 5 minutes in the old Barclay.
  8. I think you''ll find it''s the Snake Pit that starts most of the noise at CR, but you lot are probably oblivious because of the constant whining of little chavvy children in the Barclay that blocks it out. Leave the singing to the grown ups in the Pit.
  9. Take no notice of that idiot. Definately DO NOT go anywhere near Riverside or Prince of Wales Road after the game. It''s twat central full of drunken yobs and the bars (because there are no proper pubs) are all terrible anyway. POW Road especially has the unenviable reputation in the local press as being officially the most dangerous road in Norfolk. I wouldn''t hang around there on a Saturday night if you paid me. There are one or two decent pubs in the city centre mind you.
  10. Yeah, the anti ITV chants were rather funny I thought. Best part of the day. On the whole though I thought the City fans were rather quiet. Probably due to the high muppet to normal away fan ratio there seemed to be for this one. The TV cameras always brings the ''Jester hatted idiots'' out.
  11. Very true. Money talks at that level. From a purely selfish point of view I''d prefer it to be staged at a different, local ground. Bristol Rovers or Ashton Gate. Atleast anyone who wants to go will be able to get a ticket. If it is at Paulton''s ground the only people likely to get tickets are a few hundred Club Cabbage regulars which will make for a poor atmosphere (not to mention embarrasing to look at on TV what with them all being NFN scarfers).
  12. For those of you lucky enough to get a ticket for this game, and there probably won''t be many, here is a few photos of the place so that you know what you''re letting yourselves in for. I have to say, judging by what you see here I will be ASTOUNDED if the FA and police let the tie go ahead at this venue. Check out the hill behind the open end. If I can''t get a ticket, I''m gonna be sat right at the top of that big bugger!http://www.pyramidpassion.co.uk/html/paulton_rovers.html
  13. Fernando Derveld on a 4 year contract. You heard it here first.
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