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  1. Good article mlmc12345. Keep up the good work. Northern, ignore the bottom feeders. New year, same old petty comments.
  2. If anybody in Belfast area fancies meeting up for the match tomorrow. There will be a couple of us watching the game in the four winds Inn just outside Belfast. More the merrier. OTBC
  3. If your up at the giants Causeway you may want to go the Bushmills Whisksy distillery and the carrick a rede rope bridge.  The new Titanic exhibition looks great, i have not been yet but the building is fantastic to look at. Black cabs tours are good as they are very personal and can be tailored to suit you but can be pricey.  The open top bus tours are cheaper and still take you to most of the same sites. Belast itself is easy to get around as it''s quite compact.  Queens University is worth a look if you like that sort of thing.  I would recommend a visit to the ''Crown Bar'' on Great Victoria Street too, said to be ''the most beautiful bar in the world''!! Not so sure about that but its worth a look.  Depends on what your into but there is also the Botantic Gardens (near Queens Uni), W5 at the Odyssey (interactive science centre, brilliant for kids......and big kids!), Ulster museum and the Cathedral quater are all worth a look. And if you can catch a Belfast Giants(ice hockey) Game you will be pleasantly supprised too.  Great atmosphere and normally a bit of a scrap!!
  4. If any yella''s in Belfast fancy meeting up for the game on saturday give me a shout.  Cheers.
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