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  1. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]All the Germans, think its great to hear a new song that''s not a copy of another clubs song ! sounded great, and i expect the OP will post again in around 18 months time for another moan.[/quote] Prf, with you lot on here 18 months of silence a bit ambitious? Clearly the majority of people think it sounds incredible, so let''s continue with a nice simple song that mispronounces the poor guys name that because after all, it really doesn''t matter what the words are aslong as it sounds great to those who can remember the words.
  2. [quote user="Ian"]Cue some long rambling diatribe from Norwich MP...[/quote] Allowing your weary fingers some respite
  3. Of course it matters when the song came out, hey, let''s start singing Britpop about pigeons and impotence and from decades ago at our new manager. Also, were those songs not conceived in the era of the song? although OTBC is OC, so we can''t really include that can we? I''d initially ruled myself out of finding a replacement, but since you''re so insistent and the bar hasn''t been set particularly high... why not go for (inspiration as provided): Justin Biebers "Baby" replaced with "Farker" or indeed "What Do You Mean" replaced with "What Do You Fark" (as mispronunciations are allowed) Infact, you could even have a go at "Secret Love Fark" by Little Mix to erm, mix things up a bit.
  4. Incredible, you''ve understood every word I wrote. Also, define "everyone else"
  5. Someone (not me), needs to come up with something else, I can''t cope with this being belted all the time. It''s not the 90''s, and given it''s pronounced "Farker", not "Fark" it doesn''t even rhyme with his name. The group lads sat behind me thought it was something to do with the Park in QPR...
  6. Surprised you think Brady is a utility player. He is capable of doing a job at left-back, but his natural position is surely as a wide attacking midfielder. I would personally play him ahead of Olsson at left-back anyway in the current squad, but don''t forget there will be injuries, suspensions and tactical changes required throughout the season, so it certainly cannot be a bad thing to have the quality of someone like Brady in the squad. Besides which, do we really have that many options on the left side anyway?
  7. Didn''t see the match, but reading the commentary looks like he had a good game and put the cross in for the first too? Quality player.
  8. I don''t see goals coming from anywhere. Seriously. Who is actually going to score goals to get us points? We needed to replace someone who scored 15 last season and we haven''t done that. Redmond? I hope Mbokani might, but it''s the same hope that Toffolo might be a revelation in defense. Chances are, he won''t be, he''s got no appropriate experience. One injury in training in the next week or so and Whittaker out, we have no defensive cover. Grabban will have to come back in, but it''s a long way back... I hope I''m proved wrong, but looking at the players available I don''t feel we''ve scaled up into the Premiership. I''m not over BJ going, yeah he wasn''t amazing in the Prem last time, but he was epic last season and might have carried that into this season the way Holt did. With that news alone today I feel we''re in a worse place than we were at the beginning of the summer.
  9. So here we go then, Premier League survival with this: No. Position Player 1 GK John Ruddy 13 GK Declan Rudd 31 GK Jake Kean 2 DF Steven Whittaker 3 DF Andre Wisdom (on loan from Liverpool) 5 DF Russell Martin (captain) 6 DF S├ębastien Bassong 23 DF Martin Olsson 24 DF Ryan Bennett 15 DF Harry Toffolo 8 MF Jonny Howson 14 MF Wes Hoolahan 18 MF Graham Dorrans 21 MF Youssouf Mulumbu 22 MF Nathan Redmond 12 MF Robbie Brady 28 MF Gary O''Neil MF Matt Jarvis 17 MF Elliott Bennett 33 MF Louis Thompson 27 MF Alexander Tettey 9 FW Dieumerci Mbokani (on loan from Dynamo Kyiv) 10 FW Cameron Jerome 11 FW Gary Hooper Oh, and of course those who don''t want to be here: 7 FW Lewis Grabban Given we can''t score goals, have just sold our 2nd top scorer from last year and can''t keep a clean sheet I think we''re done. Who knows whats happened, but this can''t have gone to plan... I still can''t actually believe we''ve sold Bradley... Where are we actually going to score goals from? A few injuries at both ends of the pitch and we''re struggling to put a team out. Redmonds tweet says it all. "Madness.". I wouldn''t blame him if he wanted to join Grabban on the "not wanting to be here" bus.
  10. [quote user="KoromaCrab"]Also can people still buy priority membership[/quote] Nope, you can''t buy priority membership anymore.
  11. Once you''ve picked your seats you can choose who is taking each seat from your friends and family accounts, it allows you to add friends and family if you need to at this stage before returning to the basket. For those wondering, it''s not possible to add a new friend or family account and at the same time upgrade them to a premium member, nor can you upgrade yourself, Premium Membership is shown as "Sold Out".
  12. [quote user="CJ"][quote user="I.S."]Yeah, I fully agree Cheap Cheap Canaries. Grabban only has 3 goals in the last 2 games - cannot believe we have downgraded so much.[/quote] Grabban was scoring in this League for fun last year so no surprise he is banging them in. Cameron is a different story another player struggling in the Premiership, some do most do not make it in a lower league. Scores on door is about 20m in and maybe 5m out really does not add up to a club going for it. If Adams does it with what we have so far he will have proved many wrong but boy is he setting up the critics with these bargain basement discount players.[/quote]This made me sigh and shake my head a bit.Grabban was scoring in this League for fun last year so no surprise he is banging them in... Yeah, it''s a given moving a player from one team to another that they''ll continue to perform well at the same level. Oh no, it doesn''t. Torres, Holt, Carroll, Keane to name but a few Strikers who didn''t.Cameron is a different story another player struggling in the Premiership, some do most do not make it in a lower league... Most do not? There''s a "I''ve said it so it must be true" fact if ever I saw one. He has played 3 seasons in this league and his stats don''t make bad reading. He''s a great option, but we won''t know until he''s played right? Scores on door is about 20m in and maybe 5m out really does not add up to a club going for it... I think it''s safe to say that money does not necessarily buy quality. The simple fact of being relegated dictates we''re going to be spending less on players than the Premiership prices we paid the past few seasons.If Adams does it with what we have so far he will have proved many wrong... Probably not that many...but boy is he setting up the critics with these bargain basement discount players... bargain basement discount players?! I can think of 2 teams worth of players we''ve bought that would fall into this category in the past decade. None of the players we''ve got in during this window do, each have decent proven records in the division we''re in with the exception of Lafferty who''s played Scottish Premier League which may aswell be the Championship. The one''s we''ve seen aren''t doing too bad so far though eh?It doesn''t take a genius to work out that not every player we bring in will be straight into the starting line-up or even the matchday squad. We have a great pool of players, have only lost a few and aren''t really left with any gaping holes we need to panic buy to fill. Good business so far, but notice the import bit "so far", there''s still plenty of time left.
  13. [quote user="I.S."]Have I woken up in some sort of parallel universe where our fans are utter morons? Or do you genuinely believe that Murphy and Redmond were brought in as first choice wingers and therefore there is no place in the squad for Pilks/Snoddy? You must be taking the piss, and I''ve obviously fallen for it.[/quote] Agreed, you must realise I.S. that this is the normal NCFC universe... Look, there''s lots going on at the moment. We''re only 12th in the premier league, it''s been raised that possibly the manager isn''t doing his job correctly, and yes oddly this continues regardless of our league position, but let''s have him gone anyway... it can only have a good impact? can''t it?... Apparently even now if we win a game, it''s not the "right win", a Norwich fan simply can''t cope with the vicissitudes of football. And now the transfer window is a bit dull people are throwing about the idea of us getting a bit of money for players, regardless of whether this is a fair representation of their worth. If they''ve not been playing much, let''s get them gone too and buy someone else who definitely won''t get injured ever, and they will almost definitely be much better too. People can only believe what they''re told rather than look at the facts and make an informed decision themselves. It''s all a bit much to take in otherwise?
  14. Maybe, using the cracking logic going on here, we should: 1. Sell Pilks for less than he''s worth as he''s injured 2. and then put some of the money we get towards maybe getting in Walcott or Wilshire off Arsenal for cheap because they''re always injured too? or Rooney even? It all makes sense... I know we''re not taking a punt on someone young who may or may not be as good as Pilks, but if we''re willing to sell for a knock down price maybe some of the other teams are to? Besides, I think we''ve got far too much experience in the side and could do with offloading that and trying to bring in some more young untamed talent to bolster the unpredictable displays of this season. I''m glad some people only support the club.
  15. [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]So the OP is the latest in a long line of posters who feign "surprise" that the Message Board is a little quieter after we''ve won a game. Shock ! Horror !!, Do grow up (or at least crawl into the real world !) Of course any true Norwich fan is going to be pleased that we actually got something from an away game. But, clearly we are not going to start singing Hughton''s praises to the skies. At least, not until it''s been proven that it was not just a flash in the pan. Some of us have become so conditioned to abject away displays that you''ll forgive us for needing a little more convincing than just one game in December in the W Midlands.[/quote] Oh Reggie, as IS has already said, there''s no need for the patronising tone. I was in no way feigning surprise, infact I was rather clearly acknowledging it. I have no expectations of any Norwich fan, praise or criticism of the club/manager/players etc. is entirely down to whether someone feels we are meeting their own expectations for our position in the league. My opinion is that given our circumstances, we''re not fairing too bad. Outing the manager is one option for changing the performances after a disappointing run of results, however it is not the certainly not the only option and definitely not always a positive thing. After all, what can we as fans really do to impact the team? We can either boo lots and shout for the managers head, or cheer louder and get behind the club. My thought is where we are at the moment the latter might be just as easy and possibly have a better end result for all. See, that''s how to voice an opinion without the pointless childish insults. That''s what grown up''s in the real world do. ... oh damn
  16. Hopefully people are beginning to realise that football is a game. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you''re lucky, sometimes not. Today, we we were lucky, does anyone care? We''ve been unlucky enough times. Changing manager wont change a lot, changing the squad of players might, but with our funds, status and fanbase we''re doing well enough. Its depressing to come on hear and read how people think the club should be run and listen to the radio and hear the same. Its great to be in the premiership and watch the highest quality football in the country, but we''re always going to be bottom half of the table scrapping around feeling sorry for ourselves and feeling like we could and should do better. It would be nice if one day everyone would just be happy with where we are and support the club. We should always strive to improve and expect good quality performances, but we are at best a mid table club, but who knows, one day we might surprise ourselves as we did getting back up here in the first place.
  17. If he''s not on the pitch to score goals then who is? He''s an attacking forward, you would expect him to score or create goals and it''s on that basis they should make the team selection. Statistically, there are better players than him who should be considered in that role for their country. I don''t care whether his club play him or not. Fans and people on forums generally recognise that Welbeck is a good player who contributes somewhat, however equally appreciate the players outside the top teams who perform better and contribute more to their team more at the same level of football and wonder why they don''t get called up. Lambert proving we may have point. I am of course assuming the role of "fans and people on forums" representative, as you''ve implied we''re slightly different to you.
  18. [quote user="GJP"] With Welbeck in particular some people just don''t seem to understand football well enough to appreciate the massive contribution he makes for his club and country. [/quote] This caused me to bite... His massive contribution was 2 goals and one assist. For England he''s performed better statistically, he scored a cracker against Sweden, but the rest were friendlies or San Marino, it''s hardly a huge contribution. He had a decent game last night, but not a stand out star of the game, that said, I wouldn''t have wanted to pick a MoM and it being England on ITV, it had to be one of the goal scorers. Just wish Lambert had put another one away so by default they''d have picked him. We said the same with Holty when he was banging them in against Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea. If you''re scoring comfortably more goals against the big teams than the Welbecks are scoring against the smaller ones, then surely that says a lot about who should be in the starting 11 for your country? Lambert is a classic example of this.
  19. So... Does anyone know what happened to the Colchester Two then? Or are we happy to let yet another thread descend into bickering? Actually, don''t answer the second question, just the first as is the only topic relevant to this thread.
  20. Has this not dropped off the first page yet? The football related bit has been cleared up so take the rest outside.
  21. [quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]I am reminded of that old saying ''A bad workman always blames his tools...''[/quote] He doesn''t need any he''s a footballer, he''s effectively one big tool. How fitting.
  22. why couldn''t we play like this all season? oh wait...
  23. We''re missing an obvious point here, is the OP implying we shouldn''t have sent Rudd and Steer out on loan as we have Dave Watson at the club? Surely Big Dave will be working with Ruddy on a daily basis, and as an England keeper ideally needs an England Coach at the club? The point is a bit confusing? We''re expected to downgrade our coaching staff because we''ve sent players out on loan?
  24. Come on I.S., you know there''s no such thing on here as a light hearted comment, especially ones based on proper facts... Firstly, how could you possibly base an opinion on a player solely on the one performance he''s given for the club? Hasn''t this forum decided that everyones performance on that day are null and void? Infact, I don''t even remember it? What game? I think they even got the results scrubbed out of the history books. Honestly, anyone would think you were Glenn Ro... oh, someones already suggested that. Now who feels like a fool... (I''m looking at a1canary...), a fool for voicing an opinion? There''s really no need for that. You should base your opinion on his reputation, the speculative idea that he SHOULD be immense because we''re all so giddy and excited now, we can literally take on the world with PL at the helm.
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