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  1. If Normann does return I can’t see him starting, as it was only a possibility and he wasn’t even fit for the bench yesterday. If you think Tomkinson will replace Hanley in the starting XI you must be crazy, as I believe Smith wants experience after what he said about playing Hanley recently and I’m not even certain Tomkinson has even made a first team appearance yet. Cantwell didn’t do much after coming on so I think it will be Sargent starting again

  2. Ronaldo’s been well known for his ballet dancing. Have seen the penalty on the highlights and judging by the way he fell in comparison to the amount of contact there was, I’m convinced he used his ballet dancing experience to win the penalty 

  3. When teams fail to take advantage of red cards it’s usually when the dismissal is only 20- mins from the end. Considering how early the dismissal was (also forcing them to make an early sub) I really felt we should have taken 3 points. I think it was mainly down to Rashica’s absence though

    Yes this looks a really poor performance when you compare it to our previous two, but like Ian has said when you compare this 4 match unbeaten run to all our previous games this season I don’t think you can say we’ve been poor recently - 8pts taken from the last available 12, after only 2pts had only been taken from the first available 30

    Yes 2pts dropped, but at least we still denied our relegation rivals their first win and clean sheet of the season 

  4. I think it was all down to Rashica’s absence. His speed has played a major part in our previous 3 games. However, no team can afford to rely on certain players in case they get injured/suspended/sold. You need everyone in your squad to be scoring goals and playing a key part in every game

  5. 2-1 City. I’m pretty convinced we’ll win. Yes we’re both under a lot of pressure at the moment, but the Magpies are still yet to win and without a clean sheet this season and it looks like we may have changed into a completely different team since Smith’s arrival when you look at our performances against the Saints and Wolves. Although we will be without Normann but we still did really well after his departure on Saturday (probably better 2nd half than 1st) and Lascelles and Ritchie picked up their 5th yellows against the Gunners so they will be suspended for this game.

    Victory would put us 6 points clear of Newcastle and only adrift of safety on GD, victory by a 3 goal margin (which I’m afraid I can’t see happening) would also draw us level on GD with them

  6. 1 hour ago, Indy said:

    Well of course we can, but realistically we need a lot of hard work and luck.

    Newcastle will no doubt buy themselves out of trouble in January, that’s going to leave probably five teams in the mix. But who knows best Newcastle and draw with Spurs and we could be out of the bottom 3!

    Buy themselves out of trouble? Yes they have the money, but how many top players are going to want to be involved in a relegation battle this season when they can earn high wages at clubs like Man City and Chelsea, and can also be pretty confident of also qualifying for the Champions League next season?

    I'm not very convinced they will be able to strengthen their team much in January if they look likely to be involved in a relegation battle, but if they survive I think they will be able to quite a bit next summer. However, I think they need to at least qualify for the Europa League before they will be able to sign world class players

    I do believe we can stay up, but to do so I think we have to keep our current performance under Smith on for the rest of the season, rely on teams at the top of the table to do us favours against our relegation rivals, and cannot afford to slip up at any point

  7. Yesterday was the first time Cantwell made a first team appearance for absolutely ages, and when players have out for a long spell you have to give them time to get back to form

    Jersey and Uncle Fred have got it totally wrong. Cantwell’s poor performance was not deliberate, it was due to lack of game time as he’s stated that he wants to get back to his best soon

  8. 1 hour ago, paddycanary said:

    It's always nice when Man Utd lose. Watching their fans squirm & point fingers is one of those guilty pleasures. Very pleasurable.

    But is it really nice to see Watford win? Had the result been the other way round the Hornets would be sitting just 1 point clear of the drop zone. In the first half of the season it’s always best for our result to be victory, and all the other teams to draw

  9. 17 minutes ago, RobJames said:

    I think with Shakespeare coaching we may see the 'old Todd' back to form. The same might apply to Placheta and Sorensen. I'm not so sure about Idah though.

    I had huge doubts about Smith being appointed at first because he’d just been sacked by another PL club, but when I read Shakespeare was the coach and that he has huge experience in the PL, I had much more confidence in him. 

    I agree with your opinion on Cantwell, possibly Sorensen, but not sure about Placheta or Idah as I think they’re quite far behind in the pecking order

  10. I actually feel very sorry for him. Very injury prone and last season was the first time we saw much of him. As we still hadn’t seen masses of him in the PL I’ve always had belief in him, and so have never had a verdict on him in the PL. 2 weeks ago we got our first win, changed our manager, and have just won our next game as well, so maybe things are going to change?

    Listening to the commentary I agree he’s made an error in just about every single game, but I also agree with TVB’s opinion that Kabak has been the bigger liability, as I think he’s made the bigger mistakes

  11. 2 minutes ago, VillaFan said:

    Villa Fan in Peace...

    Does that sentence need the bit in bold 😉


    Only kidding. Great result for you guys today. The table looks a lot healthier and there will definitely be a new belief with the players that you can actually stay up. A perfect start for Dean, I think going behind early, playing crap in the first half and giving him the opportunity to show what he and Shakey can do will have won over quite a few people underwhelmed by his appointment. A draw against Wolves and 3 points against the Toon and you will be looking forward to Spurs and just praying that Ole still has a job

    Lol 😂

    I don’t think the uneasy start helped us either. Farke was great in the Championship, but his style of play and tactics just didn’t work in the PL. Was dubious about Deano when his appointment was first announced as he’d just been sacked by another PL team, but when I read about Shakespeare’s coaching history I felt a lot more confident 
    Would love OGS to still be in charge when we face Manure, but I don’t think he’ll last at Old Trafford for much longer ☹️


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