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  1. Yes we’ve started the season with 4 straight defeats, but there are still 34 games left to play. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy start either once our fixture list was announced, and apart from Man City I feel we’ve made some good performances. We put in a good effort against Liverpool, were very unlucky not to get a point against Leicester, and it sounds like Arsenal’s winner against us should have been ruled out for handball in the build up You can’t judge how a team will do this early in the season. I will give it at least 10 games before I start making predictions on how we do. If you think we’re definitely going to get relegated because we’ve failed to pick up a single point from our opening 4 games, then you must think that Brighton are prime candidates for Europe and Leeds are going to face a relegation battle this season - if they lose to Liverpool and Burnley pick up a point against Everton then they will fall into the bottom 3!
  2. At least that’s the DM signed. Sounds like he should be a good signing. Just waiting for the CB now
  3. Inexperienced and unproven in the PL, but to find a player who is you would almost certainly have to look at a PL club and we can’t make any more PL loans. Normann is 25 so I don’t think he’s generally experienced, Kabak is only 21 but already has 55 Bundesliga, 9 PL, and 8 CL apps to his name
  4. That’s the positions we need. Apparantly we’re closing in on signing Normann who’s supposed to be the one we want. Kabak is just a rumour.
  5. Agree with all your points there 1) I felt we were very unlucky to lose that game. Yes we were poor defensively but we never gave up on trying to find a 2nd equaliser, even after McLean’s header had been ruled out 2) We need to wait for the transfer window to close, apparently we are closing in on signing another DM which might reduce some of our defensive errors our. We also need to give our new signings time to settle in as you can’t expect them to start performing straight away 3) We need to see how we do against some of the sides that realistically you would expect to be more likely to finish in the bottom half (Palace, Burnley, Brighton etc). The fury some fans were showing after the games v Liverpool and Man City gave me the impression that they were expecting us to make Europe this season. Are we certain to get relegated? - we’re 1 point adrift of safety with only 105 left to play for. Only if we are still like this about 8-9 games in IMO
  6. They might sack Arteta over the break but that wouldn’t necessarily guarantee an instant better performance from them as the squad might have to get used to the new managers tactics.
  7. I felt it was a decent performance today. We constantly pressed in search of a second equaliser, had more shots than Leicester, and more on target as well. Thought we were very unlucky not to get a point
  8. Yes but how many more decent seasons do you think Buendia still has left in him? I’m getting very interested to see how Ronaldo performs next season given his age, and was delighted when Portugal were out of the Euros as I think he may play for his country in the World Cup next year but otherwise that’s it
  9. Yes, but he was let down by his defence as the Saints were down to 10 men just 2 minutes into the game. Was also only at fault for 1 of the goals
  10. Mumba is out after getting a dislocated knee cap v Bournemouth but should be back after the international break, Sargent and Tzolis are carrying minor strains so I think they will make the bench. It’s also been said that dropping a player for a poor performance v Liverpool/Man City may be seen as overly harsh by some, especially when they are two of the strongest teams in the world and the game on Tuesday night was mainly against Bournemouth’s reserves Don’t think there will be many changes to last weekend, though McLean and Williams might start. I’m really hoping we can prove Lawrenson wrong though, as we’re all fed up with his negative views on us
  11. C, but I think it will be B It’s way too early to tell as Buendia had 3 seasons with us, 1 in the PL, and out of Rashica, Tzolis, and Sargent the one with the most apps is Sargent with 3, two as a late sub. With the new signings you’ve also got 3 players, not 1 but what we need to do is see how they do for us first - look like they might be good so far
  12. The majority seem to be confident of victory, mainly because of the results from our first two games. Were we really expected to get something against Liverpool/Man City? I know we were awful v Man City but it actually wasn’t a bad performance v Liverpool. I know the Bournemouth team was a much weakened one, but Williams had only been with us for about 24hrs, Tzolis was yet to play, and Sargent had only made 2 apps, both as a late sub. Leicester now have Perez suspended, and lost Fofana to a broken leg in pre-season. From what I’ve heard it sounds like they’ve got some more problems with their defence as well. What they don’t know is that Giannoulis and Rupp who got subbed at h/t v Man City are almost certain to be replaced by Williams and McLean, and Pukki by Sargent. I’d be surprised to see Tzolis start as Farke has said he won’t rush him in, but I can’t see why he doesn’t deserve to. I was always convinced we wouldn’t get anything against Liverpool and Man City, and am not much more convinced we will get anything against Leicester as they are a top 6 side. However, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we did get something out of this game though.
  13. I know it was a weakened Bournemouth side, was mentioned on both the Pink un and Radio Norfolk commentary. I still feel it was a very impressive performance and result though. Williams in for Giannoulis McLean in for Rupp Sargent in for Pukki Think it will be a while until Tzolis starts as Farke has said he won’t rush him in. I do believe we will see him come off the bench on Saturday though. Hopefully we will get something against the Foxes, who have lost Perez to a red v West Ham and a defender to a broken leg in pre-season
  14. Well said. Some of the reactions to these games I’ve seen from fans on here and social media has given me the impression that they’re expecting us to qualify for Europe this season. I mean we don’t stand a chance of survival do we, because we’re a newly promoted side and have lost our opening two games to two of the strongest teams in the league, putting us 1 pt adrift of safety (0 if you don’t count the GD) with only 108 still left to play for?
  15. I think this is a good signing. A natural LB who can also operate on the right. Giannoulis is our only natural LB, Aarons, Byram, and Mumba can operate on either flank but Giannoulis is questionable after his performance on Saturday, Byram is far too injury prone, and Mumba is inexperienced. I seriously doubt he’s a poor signing. If he doesn’t look great at Old Trafford it would probably just be because he’s outclassed by Luke Shaw, as he’s only 20 and already made 50 first team appearances for the Red Devils
  16. Leicester aren't much of a weak side anymore. Now they're usually involved in a battle for Europe towards the end of the season Give the new signings some time to settle in and wait until we've played a few games against teams you would never expect to finish any higher than mid table (Watford, Brighton, Burnley, Palace etc) before panicking about how we will do this season
  17. It was a disappointing performance yesterday compared with Liverpool but I was always expecting the results against the big teams to turn out like this. I’m going to wait for the transfer window to close and some of the fixtures against weaker teams to pass until I start making predictions on how we’ll do this season I mean we’re definitely going to get relegated aren’t we, because we’ve lost our opening two games against two of the strongest teams in the world, there’s only 36 games left, and we can still sign more players..... We need to see how we do in some of the games we stand a better chance of getting something from before we start predicting our likelihood of survival, and the way I’ve seen some fans react to these opening games on here and social media gives me the impression they were expecting us to be fighting for a place in Europe or that relegation is almost sealed
  18. It was a disappointing performance but is it really a disgrace to lose our opening two games of the season 3-0 and 5-0 to two of the strongest teams in the world, one of them the reigning champions of this league and runners up of the Champions League last season? Like others have said, I was always expecting the results from these fixtures to turn out like this and would be far more concerned if these results were against bottom half teams like Palace or Burnley We might get something against Leicester or Arsenal but let’s wait for some of the fixtures against weaker teams to come before we start expecting points
  19. I’d go for the same line up as Liverpool only with McLean in for Rupp. Tzolis sounds great but as he’s still a teenager and missed pre-season I can’t see him playing in the league yet. Think he will get the whole game v Bournemouth though, so Farke can start to assess him
  20. Is it shameful for a newly promoted team to lose their opening game 3-0 to regular Champions League/PL title contenders? No The first two goals were a bit lucky as the ball just happened to fall kindly for the scorers. To be honest I think we did quite well considering this was a squad that had to cancel two of their pre-season games due to Covid, had some players out injured in pre-season, and also had several players who had only arrived back from Covid on Monday. From what I’ve heard it sounds like some of our players made quite an impressive performance, and here’s my points defending some of the players: Hanley - got injured in the Euros and missed the whole of pre-season through injury and Covid, only came back on Monday Gibson - picked up long term injury towards the end of last season and only made the last two friendlies Giannoulis - only made the last two friendlies due to injury Rashica - made the first three friendlies which were against lower level opposition but missed Newcastle due to Covid. Only came back on Monday Cantwell - made most of the friendlies, but was out with an ankle injury last weekend Pukki - got injured in the Euros and made the first half of the Huddersfield friendly, but only made the Newcastle friendly as a sub as had only just got back from Covid Sargent - was only signed on Monday so missed all the friendlies and with the exception of Rashica, has only just started to get to know the rest of the squad Giannoulis and Rashica sounded good considering they were making their PL debuts against one of the strongest teams in the world 1 down, 37 to go. I’m not going to be disappointed if we don’t get anything from our first 4 games. Might possibly get something against Leicester or Arsenal but I wasn’t expecting anything yesterday and am not expecting anything at the Etihad next weekend either. Playing strong opposition early on in the season might also give some of our new signings some valuable experience ready for the games against weaker teams
  21. Can’t see how it would be by us. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the Liverpool fans, especially when he’s on loan to us from one of their PL rivals
  22. Sounds like we’re doing quite well. Not threatening them but if by chance we did manage to get something out of this game I think the Reds would go red in the face
  23. Leeds getting fined for spying on their next opponents’ training?
  24. I find it hard to decide on some of the players. If it’s 3 at the back who partners Hanley and Gibson? I know Zimbo’s no good for us anymore but I’m not convinced Omobamidele’s ready - yes he did great for us last season but he only played a few games and only because Gibson got injured so has barely any first team experience. I even think Sorensen might possibly be used Gilmour, Lees-Melou, Rashica, and Pukki will all start, and Cantwell if he’s back from injury. Dowell will start if it’s 3 behind Pukki but if it’s 2 and Cantwell’s available I think he’ll probably be on the bench. If Tzolis gets announced in time I think he’ll be on the bench
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