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  1. 3 hours ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    Guide for next season


    A- No more loan players who don't care about our club and are only here to develop for other clubs

    B- 442. Just 442. Only formation.

    C- Never play Pukki on his own and always have another striker to help out up top.

    D- Rowe must start as much as possible

    E- Spend all of Delias spare change on some big, strong dominating midfielders

    F- Flog Mclean to whatever 5th tier in Scotland club that wants him

    G-Bring Hernandez back

    H- Don't buy players that have a history of knocks and injuries

    Here's my views:

    A- We certainly don't want to sign players who don't care about where we finish, but I don't know how you can tell if they don't care. Most players are only out to develop first team experience (like Williams and Gilmour) or just to get them off the wage bill because they're not wanted by their parent clubs (like Hugill and Drmic)

    B- Disagree. 4-2-3-1 worked brilliantly for Farke last season. 5-3-2 and 3-5-2 also worked quite well too

    C- Pukki will be 32 at the end of this month, and may start need a strike partner, but I'm not certain he needs one yet

    D- Yes and no. Rowe is looking rather promising considering he had no first team experience until this season, nearly scoring at Anfield and providing an assist today, but provided we don't lose too many of our key players (like Rashica) I might send him out on loan to one of the newly promoted Championship sides (like McCallum to Coventry and Mumba to Posh)

    E- We don't know how much we'll have left or who we're going to lose yet, so I think it we'll have to wait and see which positions we  need to patch up in. Strong dominating midfielders are also usually fairly expensive 

    F- He's certainly not PL quality, but I think McLean is ok in the Championship

    G- Yes and no. His contact expires next summer and he's fallen out of favour, so I think it might be best to try and get something for him this summer. If we manage to keep Rashica then I think one out of either Rowe or Hernandez will get very little game time

    H- We know we don't have much to spend and so sometimes we have to take a gamble. When the signing of Krul was announced loads of people were moaning on here saying "we don't want an injury prone goalkeeper". How many people on here wish we'd never signed Krul now? Byram was only £300k and is very injury prone, but he isn't exactly poor when fit is he?

  2. We signed him as a free agent and he turns 25 next month so if Huddersfield want to sign him on a permanent I think it would be best to let him go. We don't yet know how many of our current squad we'll lose this summer, but we have the likes of Rowe and Kamara coming through our academy who are home grown


  3. When the new owner is decided I'm really interested to see what they're like. I mean - why was Abramovich so good for Chelsea? He was a billionaire who didn't want his money back. Will the new owner be the same though? I know they'll get another billionaire but maybe the next one might want their money back, or use the club to fund their business....

  4. I think really it's just Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus that want it to be created now, as I've frequently seen talk about it happening and every time it's only been them involved. All the clubs know their fans don't want it created now, and the owners of the big 6 apologised and vowed not to do it again (not saying they won't)

    What you have to remember is that it's solely the owners of the clubs that are trying to create this, and that the clubs may get their players and coaches departing if they have any respect. Also who's going to referee the games? I doubt many officials approve of it going ahead either

  5. Considering he was yet to make a first team appearance for us before this season, I’m really interested to see how he does next season. Involved in the build up to Rupp’s goal and a great shot that was heading for the top corner. Thought he would go out on loan next season but am now wondering if he might be on the bench

  6. 1 hour ago, chicken said:

    We got Rupp for peanuts didn't we? Wasn't it a nominal amount because he was on a free in the summer?

    I think some folks do him a disservice to be honest, more technical than many give him credit for. Yes, not the most technical player, but then neither was Tettey and to the majority, he's one of our best recent players. 

    Yes. It was under €1m, and when I looked at it on the exchange rate at the time I think it was about £450,000

  7. I think it’s a wise idea keeping him, as it’s highly likely we’ll go down. Yes he’s rather injury prone but only turned 31 in January and did ok in the Championship last season. Although Normann wants to stay I very much doubt we’ll be able to afford him at Championship level and if we fail to bounce straight back up we’ll probably end up having to sacrifice a few more of our current first team players


  8. 1 minute ago, kinggoblin said:

    20 Premier league games, with 1 goal and 2 assists in my opinion doesn't make him saleable in my opinion, but definitely think he would do the business for us in the Championship

    I’m sure some club will make a bid for him this summer as we always receive bids for our best players because other clubs think we’re likely to sell them, but I think we will try everything we can to keep him as if he stayed I think he would probably win POTS next summer and probably want a minimum of £20-25m for him as he also has a sell on clause

  9. 9 minutes ago, Worthy Nigelton said:

    Didn't Darren Eadie get called up for Le Tournoi while he was with us but got injured and had to pull out? Or have I made that up!

    I’ve read something about that happening a few times but have no remembrance of it, mainly because back in Eadie’s days I was just a young kid and didn’t follow football like I do now. Eadie was my favourite player in my childhood, and I was really sad to see him go to Leicester

  10. 19 minutes ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    Cant help but wonder if Phillips will demand a move should they go down, fair to say he is much too good for them in the state they are in right now. Hell, he's becoming an England regular 1st team player.. Will that still be the case if he's playing in the championship?

    The only time I remember a player being called up from a 2nd tier side for the England’s senior team is when Fabio Capello called up our former academy keeper Joe Lewis from Peterborough, and that was only because only two English keepers from the PL teams were available - all the rest were injured! Might still get selected as he’s very popular under Southgate, but if Leeds go down I won’t be at all surprised if he departs to a 1st tier side!

  11. Lee Bowyer has said he would love to sign Hernandez on a permanent deal this summer. What do you think about the possibility of him going? I think it might depend on whether we lose Rashica, but Tzolis, Dowell, and Placheta can also all play there

    Although I doubt we would get much for him, I think it might be a good idea if we got rid of him as he’s only got one year left on his contract, fallen out of favour, and not good enough for the PL

  12. 12 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    Look at Leeds. Much bigger club,  years in League One and the championship despite numerous rich owners. Now even richer owners and looking relegation in the face despite a "top" manager and significant spend overall. 

    The entrenched view I dont get is the likes of @Jim Smith claiming the owners haven't done very well for us. Comparatively they've done better than about 18 similar sized clubs during their tenure and only about 4 you could argue have done better - and even thats only currently and temporarily.

    I agree. When you compare what we’ve achieved over the past 20 years to other clubs with much wealthier owners, I can’t see how anyone can say our owners haven’t done very well for us

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  13. Putin clearly wants to restore the Soviet Union, but is nervous about NATO. He’s described the collapse of the Soviet Union as “the biggest catastrophe ever” and wants NATO to reduce to its pre-1997 borders. Since then a lot of countries of the former Soviet Union have joined NATO. I think NATO shouldn’t deploy any troops to Ukraine as it’s not a member and from what Putin’s said I think if they did it might trigger a full scale nuclear war. I think we should keep supporting Ukraine though

    So if this does turn into World War 3 who’s going to win. The US, Canada, Europe, and probably Australia, Japan, and New Zealand or Russia, China, and probably a few more Asian and Middle-Eastern countries? I dread to think

    I’ve been getting really nervous about this ever since Russia started deploying troops. The last thing we want is a nuclear war. From what Putin’s done I would describe him as Adolf Hitler II. Communist C**t

  14. I think Farke probably thought it would work as a method to try and make sure that we didn’t take any team for granted. Every game is winnable - we proved it against Man City last time round. The only difference is the likelihood of victory. The answer is not to go into a game expecting to win, draw, or lose but to know that victory is always possible 

  15. 7 hours ago, yellowrider120 said:

    Rashica would do well in The Championship as you say. Bit of a problem in that it won't be with us as he'll be the first out of the door come the summer window!    

    I’m not saying they’ll all stay, but there’s no saying Rashica’s going yet. Personally I think he has a much better attitude than Buendia, and that we will only accept offers in the region of £20m+ as he would play a massive part for us in our bid for promotion and has a sell on clause in him

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