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  1. A draw would be the best option for us but if there's a winner I'd prefer it to be Everton, as we barely stand a chance of survival now and a Burnley win would only reduce our chances of victory on Sunday and increase their chances of survival when I want Burnley and Watford to be the teams who join us next season

  2. I only want to see Everton go down with us if parachute payments to the relegated PL teams are decided to be stopped. Whilst I can see them losing quite a few players if they do go down, I can't see them losing all their first choice players and personally I think they probably have enough experience in their reserves to comfortably win the title next season

    Also I can't see how we can manage to build a side over several seasons, and this is why:

    Eg: next season Rowe does really well but we fail to get promoted. The following season he wins POTS but again, we fail to get promoted. What's it likely to be then? Bye bye Jon, best wishes for the future!

    You've also got to look at other teams as well. Until they got relegated to League One, our rivals were the longest serving team in the Championship but they were unable to get back into the top flight. Leeds spent several years in League One, and when they got back into the Championship, still had to wait another decade until they finally found the top flight again. There's plenty of other teams to look at as well - Portsmouth, Bolton, Sunderland, Charlton, Sheff Wednesday, Wigan, and Stoke to name a few

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  3. I'm rather surprised considering when interviewed a few weeks ago he said that he would love to stay, which made it sound like he was willing to play in the Championship next season. Did great for us before he got injured but has failed to get back to that since, and so I would say no to keeping him now even if we did stay up as I think he's too injury prone

  4. I can't see us signing any GKs this summer given the number we currently have in our first team and U23s. I also think Johnstone's wages might be a bit high and that he would probably go to a PL team, or possibly one of the teams that join us

    Swift sounds a good signing as does Mawson considering he's made 80 PL appearances, although again I think that Mawson's wages might be a bit too high

  5. The tabloids are going to link us to loads of strikers over the next few months, as we're going to get relegated and Pukki's ageing. Sounds like he would cut it in the Championship but I'd rather we sign a striker either with Championship experience rather than take a gamble on a 3rd tier top goalscorer as I seriously doubt he would be any good for the PL

  6. I know Tzolis hasn’t turned out what we expected him to be, but I have strong belief in him. He only turned 20 in January, and we signed him on a 5 year contract so there’s still plenty of time for him to improve.

    I agree Placheta is debatable, but I’m not one for getting rid of him quite yet, as this is only his 2nd season with us and he didn’t get much game time last season. I also believe that if we fail to bounce straight back up next season we may need him

  7. I know Russia won their World Cup bid by bribery, and I'm not saying they won't manage to win this with bribery either. There was a lot of anger over Qatar's victory to host the World Cup and even consideration about pulling out of it from some countries, and so considering UEFA have already moved the CL final to Paris and kicked all Russian teams out of it's competitions I think if they accepted Russia's bid to host Euro 2028 the only countries you would see in the tournament are Russia, Belarus and Serbia, as just about every other European country has sanctioned Russia since they invaded Ukraine and so I can only see them all refusing participate in it

  8. I'd like to nominate the likes of Badger and Hoggy, who like me seem to defend Delia and the self-funding model. I know it's very stressful following us in the top flight, I find it very hard to do so, but recently there were some on here saying they never want to see us promoted under Delia again - did you really enjoy the Grant-Roeder-Gunn era? I enjoyed our League One season far more than that

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  9. Looking at the current table think they now need quite a miracle to happen to get promoted this season, just like us to achieve PL survival. Rotherham and Wigan look very comfortable for the automatic spots and that Wednesday and Wycombe are the only teams currently outside who could still make the playoffs

  10. If Bournemouth don't sign him then I think we will do everything we can to try and sell him this summer as he only has one year left. He may get offered a new contract but if he does I can only see him rejecting it. If he stays I think it will be a waste of wages as I can't see him showing any desire to play and that he will be our worst performing winger of the season

    I also think he needs to monitor Buendia, who he had a similar strength to last season and was brought in by Villa to replace Grealish. I read a while back that Gerrard is actually considering selling him this summer as he's not been happy with Buendia's performance. I think Buendia wanted to go there for PL wages and football, no relegation battle, and because last summer there was a lot of belief Villa would qualify for Europe this season (Spurs are currently 10 pts ahead of them in the Conference League spot with a GIH).

    If Cantwell is at a PL club next season I can only see it being a small one. What does Cantwell want next season - higher wages, a seat on the bench and possibly even another relegation battle, or wages similar to what he's currently getting and regular first team football?

  11. Normann was our best player before he got injured, but since then he's been hopeless. He said in a recent interview that he would love to stay, but I think he's too injury prone. Kabak is still young and could come good but I think his wages would be too high. Like others have said, I think we're better off giving the likes of Omobamidele and Sorensen game time instead.

    I also think the transfer fees for Normann and Kabak would be a bit too high for us in the 2nd tier, and that it would seriously affect our finances (prevent us from being able to make any decent signings, only the likes of teenagers to develop)

  12. Farke was heavily credited for our performance under him in the Championship but heavily criticised for our performance in the PL. When Smith took charge at Villa I feel he sent them up to the playoffs in the same way that Alex Neil did with us in 2015. We're yet to play with Smith in charge in the Championship, but I am willing to give him a chance until December unless we are looking like we don't stand a chance of promotion/might be facing another relegation battle

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  13. Chelsea only have 3 players out of contract at the end of the season and so I would love this punishment to stay in place until Putin withdraws his troops. Abramovich will have to either manage to persuade his close friend to ceasefire, or let him wreck his football club

  14. GK - Krul is definitely PL quality

    DF - Byram, Aarons, and Hanley. I think Omobamidele could be in the future

    MF - Rashica. Sargent isn’t yet but before this season he had no experience, which was why it took him so long to get going, and I do believe he could be in the future as he’s only just turned 22. If Tzolis turns out in the Championship how we were hoping him to turn out this season I might believe he could be, as he only turned 20 in January. Rowe’s still only 19 and after how impressive he’s been recently when considering before this season he was yet to make a first team appearance for us, I do believe he could be in the future

    FW - Pukki is at the moment, but I think in a couple of years he will be past it in the PL. I think Idah could be in the future

  15. 41 minutes ago, Yellow Wal said:

    I must be losing it as I thought Hanley played left when Omo and he partnered each other in the centre of defence. Is my memory going? Was he right or left? 

    One thing is for certain, Omo is the most promising player we have brought through to the first team for a very long time and will be a very, very good player.

    Normally Hanley does play on the right as he is right footed, Gibson plays on the left as he is left footed. Hanley did play on the left when Omo partnered him, probably as Hanley’s more experienced and it might possibly help Omo develop better as he’s also right footed

    The side players prefer to play on does tend to depend on which foot they are, although Rashica and Cantwell are both right footed

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