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  1. I know a goalkeeper’s role in to stop shots, but you can’t blame them for every goal conceded. For example: a player getting one on one with the keeper and scoring is really down to poor defending, because you have to agree that a player getting one on one with the keeper is a great goal scoring opportunity and the defence should have prevented the player from getting one on one with the keeper. Also a goal scored from a penalty - unless the keeper conceded the spot kick, you can’t blame them for it (ok, I wouldn’t blame anyone for the penalty v Manure as Ronaldo’s renowned for his simulation)

    For the 9 he conceded v Leicester I feel he was mainly let down by his defence, as the Saints found themselves down to 10 men just 3 minutes into the game. Giving Gunn some game time will give him some more experience, which he will need - Krul won’t last forever, and McGovern will be nearly 39 when his contract expires next summer


  2. One thing that Farke will always be remembered for was his substitutions. He rarely made any until there were less than 20 minutes left, usually 10. As a result of this Idah got very little game time with Pukki playing the lone striker and various other players playing the no. 10 role. Although I do believe that Idah only got his starting place in the first team due to injuries, I think this could be a massive chance for him to develop his skills and become first choice next season.

  3. 2 hours ago, Canary Jedi said:

    Yes I’m delighted for him. There probably weren’t many who thought he could be the real deal, I myself had lost faith that Idah was the solution but if he can continue with performances like that then we could be looking at our striker of the future post Pukki.


    I thought exactly the same. Failed to make much of an impact in the Championship last season or in the PL earlier this season, but if  he manages to score a few more goals this season I think he may turn out to be an ideal replacement for Pukki, who I don’t think has any more than one Championship season left on him. If we get relegated I think he may turn out to be quite a threat in the Championship next season

  4. Of the fixtures between other teams around us, I’m hoping they all turn out to be draws so both teams are dropping points. All the teams around us having games in hand is rather pressurising as you don’t know what the outcome will be, but like others have said there is a positive about it. It means more midweek fixtures for the others, which gives them less time to recover for their next fixture

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  5. I did have big doubts about Idah considering the amount of time he’s been a member of the first team compared to the lack of game time he’d had and his performances when he had played. If he can keep his current form going for the remainder of the season I do believe he might turn out to be an ideal replacement for Pukki, who’s edging towards the end of his career. On the assumption that we still get relegated, if he manages to score a few more goals this season I also think he’ll be quite a threat in the Championship next season

  6. As much as I’m happy with Delia staying, I’m not against her selling the club but only if it was to someone who hadn’t had a bad reputation somewhere they’d been in the past (didn’t want to use the club to fund their business etc). The last person I would want is someone like Ashley, who I believe towards the end of his time at Newcastle was supposed to be the most unpopular owner in the PL and only sold the club because all the fans were demanding it

    Have read on here apparently Mike Ashley only buys businesses in a severe financial state though so for you lot who are demanding Delia out I have another idea: Marcus Evans! He also doesn’t have a club since he’s sold our rivals! How would you like it if he took over here?

  7. Although he has already looked quite good in the Championship he’s only made a few appearances and so still has very little experience. Therefore I think sending him out for a Championship loan is a wise move so we can make sure he is ready as we know Aarons won’t be with us next season

  8. Certainly not a mistake to sack Farke. We were doing awful under him, Smith arrived and got loads of credit for how we did in his first two games then Normann and Rashica, our best two players got injured and soon after we get a whole load more. I still have belief in Smith as I see these abysmal performances mainly due to our injury list, not poor management by him 

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  9. I think when you look at some of the signings Webber made you also need to think about other players who we already had in those positions and what the situation might be regarding them in the near future, mainly Krul, Hernandez, Cantwell, and Pukki

    I know Webber has failed in buying survival this season but in my opinion he’s not focused totally on buying survival also clearly thought very about other possible outcomes with the squad in the near future. I mean say instead of Sargent, Tzolis, and Gunn we take a gamble and spend £25m on an experienced PL striker, still get relegated, and the striker demands out at the end of the season. Imagine what the situation might be if Cantwell goes, and neither Pukki, Placheta or Hernandez cut it in the Championship next season? Also think about Krul in a couple of years 

    Despite failing to buy survival I’m not against Webber yet, as I think he may have made some very wise decisions with the players he’s signed this season

  10. 3 hours ago, hepphep said:

    Dont you think its bit rough on him? Guy is missing over half of his best players (Krul, Pukki, Rashica, Hanley, Normann, Rupp, Aarons and so on). Most players fielded are likely second line subs for him, that should only play small part this season. We cannot afford such depth than many bigger teams and therefore covid hits us really hard. 

    Too right you are. He got loads of credit for how well we did in his first two games then Normann and Rashica, our best players this season get injured. Rashica’s hoping to be back for Leicester but Normann is out until February. Since then we’ve had even more players out, and had we not suffered from this injury crisis I don’t think there would be so much negativity over him 

  11. Totally pointless thread. This subject gets mentioned on all the threads related to us 24/7. We know it’s not going to happen any time soon and there’s no guarantee that spending big will grant us survival. Fulham spent £104m and went straight back down, Villa spent £140m and only stayed up thanks to a fault in GLT

    To be honest I think the more you spend and still get relegated the bigger the laugh is. When it comes to wealthy owners I also think the only ones worth having are the type that are willing to give vast amounts of their savings to the club but don’t want their money back like Ambramovich and Mansour, as the last thing we want is a billionaire owner who wants to use the club to fund their business

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  12. 5 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    It was just a remark mate. Of course we would go up. But I think many of us feel what is happening now is becoming predictable. The money three or four clubs like us, is making it difficult for the other clubs in the Championship to compete with us. Just like we complain about in the EPL.

    We are self sustaining at the moment because of payments. Take them away and we would be just like the rest of the Championship. And that would be a totally different self sustaining model without the same assurance that we could compete and probably be successful.

    Until there is a change of ownership we will find it really down to luck. And that is not slagging off the owners. They can't help being poor (😂). Its just a fact of football life at the very top.

    I have no doubt that if players like Rashica, Tzolis and PLM stay we will be very competitive next season in the Championship. Todd will flourish again. Max will torment defenders and Teemu will score 30 goals. And everything will be hunky dory until we find that the EPL has moved on yet another notch.

    In fact, I think the best thing is for the EPL to be reduced to 16 teams.

    Although I was expecting Webber to keep us financially safe so we have no need to sell next summer I’m not so sure after spending £60m. I can’t see Todd or Max staying but I think if we manage to keep most of our new signings we should do well. Gunn will eventually replace Krul, Rashica would replace Buendia, I think Tzolis should do well, benefit massively from a season in the Championship and should hopefully replace Cantwell. Considering Lees-Melou has good experience in the French 1st tier I think he will also do well

    Although I do believe Pukki will still be able to cut it in the Championship next season, I can’t quite see him as a possible contender for the golden boot and that next season will be his last. I think Sargent will cut it though and am hoping either him or Idah manages to replace him. Would like to see Rowe or Dickson-Peters sent out on loan

    I’m not sure whether we will go straight back up yet as I think we have to wait and see which players stay, who leaves the Championship this season, and who joins us next season - at the moment I would like to see Fulham, WBA, and Blackburn go up, as if they do I think Bournemouth and Sheff Utd should struggle. Although I was hoping the likes of Newcastle, Villa and Leeds join us as I thought it would be a good laugh I think now I would prefer Burnley and Watford

  13. 6 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    Its a good job this forum doesn't run the club.

    Sack Webber for who? Every club in the championship would take him - there's plenty bigger clubs below who would, and have paid hundreds of millions just to have had half the time in the prem we have recently.

    Our club will still be in a fantastic position next season in comparison to the huge majority of similarly sized clubs and Webber is just as responsible for that as he is for the poor transfer window in the summer (which for most on here is with the benefit of hindsight anyway)

    Agree with you Hoggy. I know he’s got rather unpopular amongst most fans for how he’s done with the PL but I think after what he achieved by signing Krul, Buendia, Pukki etc too much was expected of him

    Although I was expecting Webber to manage our finances so that we have no need to sell next summer, I’m not very convinced after  spending £60m and am getting concerned about what our situation will be next season

  14. I have very mixed views on your opinions. Here’s what I think:

    - Send Idah out on loan. Couldn’t agree more, he urgently needs to get some experience and should have been sent out in the summer. Would also like to see Rowe or Dickson-Peters sent out 

    - Sell Cantwell. We need rid of him ASAP. That Toddler is just a waste of space 

    - Sell Aarons/loan Mumba. We know if Aarons doesn’t go in January he will go at the end of the season. I’m not against loaning Mumba but I think he already seems to be ok at Championship level

    - Sell Giannoulis. No, he only arrived less than a year ago and I think is meant to be Lewis’ replacement. If he wants out at the end of the season then he will go in the summer

    - Loan Tzolis after FA Cup game. He’s still only 19 and not ready for this level yet so I’m not against him going out either but don’t think it’s essential as I also think he will do well in the Championship next season. Think he’s lined up to replace Cantwell

    - Sell Dowell. No, I know he’s not done anything this season but hasn’t got much game time due to other midfield signings. He’s decent in the Championship and I think he was brought in to replace Stiepermann. With Cantwell also set to go soon I think if we sell him now we will probably only find ourselves signing another no.10 next summer

    I know we still aren’t far from safety but with Normann out until February plus all the other squad injuries I have huge doubts on us managing to make signings that grants us survival this season, so I think any funds generated should be saved for next summer as if we take a gamble and spend big but still end up in the 2nd tier next season, I can only see us in the same situation as we were after our 2016 relegation

    To sell players you have to find clubs that want to buy them though. I think we will find a buyer for Max but am very concerned about finding a buyer for Todd. Has been linked to Leeds, Villa, and Newcastle though

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  15. There’s been plenty of criticism over the sale of Buendia but there had also been plenty of talk about the sale of him, Aarons, and Cantwell over the past two years - we always knew they were going to go and I do think the sale of him back in the summer could prove to be vital for the near future

    Sargent and Tzolis - I know we weren’t able to sign established PL players but signing a 21 and 19 year old striker and winger from foreign teams seems quite strange for a newly promoted side. How much longer does Pukki have left in him and will Cantwell be with us though? No saying that they will cut it next season but I do believe they will benefit massively from a season in the Championship 

    Gunn - I think Krul still has two more left in him but McGovern enters his final year next season so who was lined up to replace him? Barden doesn’t have much experience so we sign a 25 year old keeper with good Championship experience

    Lees-Melou - As he is experienced, I do think he was signed in a bid for survival. Can’t cut it at this level but I do think will do well in the Championship

    Rashica - only signing who seems able to cut it at this level but I think he is supposed to be Buendia’s replacement

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