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  1. Clearly Gilmour. Arrived from one of the big six and been given loads of game time, but has been poor every time. Normann and Kabak have also been poor, although Normann started off brightly and Kabak has been injured quite a bit

    Tzolis hasn’t turned out how we hoped although he got very little game time and arrived as a teenager from a weaker league. He signed a five year contract though so there’s plenty of time for him to shine for us


  2. 1 hour ago, komakino said:

    That is wholly unrealistic and basically creating criteria not to sell. 

    On the pitch is where it matters, not community projects. 

    So what you’re saying is that if the Glazers eventually sell up Manure you’d be delighted if Delia sold us to them as they’re billionaires. You must think Mike Ashley would also be a better option as he has a much greater wealth than Delia....

    I know it makes it harder to find a better alternative for Delia, but if Delia (or Tom) eventually sells up they need to be careful who they sell to and can’t just sell to any wealthy person. You don’t find out what the new owner is really like until the club’s been sold, and of course by that time if they turn out to be a bad option it’s too late, which is why I’m not against Delia. Only 4% of Man Utd fans approve of the Glazers when they’re billionaires, Mike Ashley is much wealthier than Delia and all the Toon fans wanted him out, even Marcus Evans is wealthier than her and all the Ipswich fans wanted him out, and you know why

    I agree it’s the self funding model that’s causing our problems in the PL, but it does prevent us from suffering from financial difficulties if we go down, and there’s no guarantee we’d survive even with wealthier owners - as Fulham and West Brom have shown

  3. I think what KC has put about his thoughts on the strength of our squad is well said. Of the players he reckoned would walk into the starting XI of most 2nd tier teams all are well proven except PLM and Rashica who are simply yet to play (but do have 1st tier experience). Idah has improved massively this season, and Mumba and Barden both looked promising in the appearances they made for us last season

    Loads want Webber out because of his poor recruitment this season but he’s done really well for us in the Championship and there was some belief a while back that the reason why he did poor this season was down to financial matters (which I think is probably the reason why). Consider what the cost of a imaginary Championship player might be to the cost of a player of similar equivalence at PL level might be. Is there much difference? - Yes. I think the reason why Webber’s recruitment was so poor this season was simply because he just didn’t have enough money to spend

    I still trust Webber next season because of his record for us in the Championship, and will only consider that he should go if we miss out on the top six to a fair reason (get some serious injuries, lose a lot of players we would like to keep etc).

  4. 2 hours ago, Terminally Yellow said:

    Let's be honest - you'd never heard of him before today. To say your 100% against just because he's "only" got 2 goals and 2 assists is a bit premature.

    I think from what you’ve said about my thoughts being a bit premature is actually a fair claim there. To get an assist to you’re name you have to provide the ball to the goal scorer, but you can still have a hand in the goals - like win the ball and provide the ball to the assister. His team’s played 32 games and 8th in the table so they probably have quite a few goals for, he’s played in all but one of those games, so he could have played a part in loads of his teams goals. He must have quite a few starts if he’s played in 31 of 32 games, and you can’t be awful to get a start for a team that’s 8th in the table. New signings aren’t made without scouting the players first either

  5. Although I’m not usually 100% against signing free agents I think I am with this one. When I first started reading the article I thought he would be a good signing (Dutch international, 28 years old, 31 Bundesliga apps this season) but when I read that he’s managed just 2 goals and 2 assists from 31 games in the Bundesliga this season (and from dylan that he’s earnt only 1 cap for his country) I’m against it now. He might be ok for the Championship but an attacking midfielder/winger who’s managed just 2 goals and 2 assists from 31 games in the Bundesliga would be utterly hopeless in the PL (I know we’re not looking for PL quality but I would like us to sign some players that sound positive in the Championship)

  6. 3 minutes ago, crab man said:

    Didn't we demolish this Forest team earlier on this season behind closed doors?

    We demolished the Bournemouth reserves 6-0 earlier this season in the League Cup. Don’t know whether that was behind closed doors though

  7. I don’t mind being a yo-yo club as although the second part is very stressful and frustrating, the first part is fun to watch and upcoming fixtures feel exciting. Those who don’t want us promoted next season should just bring a banner with them to games saying something like: “Deano Out, Glenn Equivalent In!”

    Being a mid-table team is boring - you just wonder what the outcome of the next fixture will be. The Grant-Roeder-Gunn era was thoroughly miserable

  8. I always want us promoted, even if it means relegation the following season. I’d much rather we were a really strong Championship side but really poor PL side than just an average mid table Championship team as it gives us something fun to watch the season before - who here enjoyed the Grant-Roeder-Gunn era? Thoroughly miserable in my opinion

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  9. In my opinion it’s not the ownership that’s to blame for our poor performance, it’s solely down to money wrecking the game - no one was moaning about Delia when we got promoted under Lambert were they?

    What I would love is for UEFA to change the rules and make all teams in the European top flight leagues self-funded or have a maximum annual expenditure of about £100m (including wages). I’m not keen on the 51% fan majority as we’ve seen the only team that’s benefited from that rule in the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich

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  10. 4 minutes ago, CrankyCanary said:

    Don't Huddersfield have an option to buy him?

    They do, although it’s rumoured to only be for around £900k. If they win the playoffs they might look for players of a higher level though 

  11. POTS: Hanley - Rashica was my favourite for the majority of the season, but Hanley's overtaken him now

    FOTS: Gilmour. I think we were all expecting him to turn out great when he was signed considering he's from a big PL team, but has failed every time. Kabak has also been poor, but has been out injured quite a bit

    Improved: Idah. Didn't think he was great under Farke, but since Smith's arrival I think he's turned into a totally different player

    Unsung: Sorensen or PLM - Sorensen should be getting more game time, and I think PLM has been underated by some on here

    SOTS: I think Williams has been our best signing outright, but he will be going home this summer. Of the permanent signings I would go for Rashica, although he also may depart this summer. If PLM stays I think he also will impress next season

  12. 2 minutes ago, alex_ncfc said:

    Out of the playoff picture with 3 games remaining is peak embarrassment and very, very funny.

    I thought they were going to p!ss the league back in 2019? 

    I think they were top of the table ~ Christmas, then fell apart in the second half of the season. May be wrong though

  13. 3 hours ago, Coneys Knee said:

    Am I right in dying that if they fail to beat Rotherham that’s the Play offs mathematically if issued for them this season?

    Come on Rotherham.

    Looking at the table I think they need to win all their remaining games and for Sunderland to pick up no more than one more point this season (11pts behind 6th placed Sunderland, with 12pts still available)

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  14. I'm expecting him to go this summer - I believe the majority of us are. I think he deserves to move if he wants to considering he was still a teenager when he became first choice and he's also been linked to Liverpool and West Ham in the past, though I'd be surprised to see him go to one of the big 6

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  15. There have been loads of articles about us this season from pundits saying things like "we don't deserve to be in this league" and "we're only here for the parachute payments". The only reason we struggle in this league is because we just don't have the money to spend. We showed our intent to stay up by spending £60m last summer. I'm wary intent to stay up may seem more like spending nearly twice that amount to some, but the only reason we didn't spend more is simply because we couldn't afford to. Had we no intent to survive we wouldn't have spent any more than £10m.

    What the pundit has also bear in mind is that we're not the only yo-yo team, Watford also got promoted with us last season and look to be going straight back down, Fulham look set to start what could be their 3rd consecutive yo-yo season. They have also spent much more than us

  16. Having spent £60m last summer I'm rather doubtful about us having no need to sell, but I'm still convinced Aarons and Cantwell will go whatever the case. I would also consider getting rid of Oxborough, Bushiri, Sinani, Hernandez and Soto. I'm unsure about getting rid of Hugill, as I think Pukki probably only has 2 seasons left and don't think the likes of Omotoye and Dickson-Peters are ready for the Championship yet. Although like TheGunnShow has said, we might see some positional changes, as we might have a lot of attacking midfielders/wingers this summer if the likes of Cantwell, Hernandez and Sinani aren't sold

    Lots of people seem to think Rashica will go. I'm not saying he will stay but considering we only signed him last summer I think we should manage to keep him for another season but lose him if we fail to go straight back up. Giannoulis was another. I'm aware he  has had an unhappy season, as he was probably really looking forward to it last summer then finding Williams being signed on loan and taking first choice from him. I think he will be willing to stay though, as I'm sure he's convinced he'll be first choice next season, and possibly if we go straight back up as well

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