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  1. A flying acobatic save by Keelan from a Peter Osgood header in front of the Barclay against Chelsea in the replayed 2nd leg Milk Cup semi final in ''73 has always stuck in my mind, if that had gone in I think we would have been over run and never got to Wembley. The leg was replayed after the original game was abandoned due to thick fog and we were only ten minutes from going to Wembley when it was abandoned!!.
  2. Heath, Bolland, Foggo, Forbes, Paddon, Keelan, Stringer, Peters, Channon, Van Wycke et al are the reason  I went from Bristol to Gillingham yesterday, happy days. Thanks for a great complilation which included the 5-1 game against Blackpool  in 1971 when I realised that we could actually become a First Divison team. It has made my sunday night!!
  3. The two City supporters in Bristol called Tim will be there.
  4. OK the Roo bar and I will be wearing a subtle blend of green and yellow.
  5. Not sure where the Greyhound is but the Roo Bar or Clifton Sports Bar is OK for me.
  6. Has anybody decided where they are going to watch the MK Dons game on Monday?
  7. Have been in Bristol since 84....am in Bishopston near the cricket ground and can see Rovers floodlights from the attic. Hasn''t been a great  sporting year,  Norwich member and shareholder,(Yeovil, Exeter and Brentford away already), member at Gloucestershire Cricket and a regular watcher of Bristol Rugby Club, not exactly the Holy Trinity. Does South West Canaries still exist?
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