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  1. As this thread seems to have morphed into school songs and there are Paston Old Boys posting. How about ....... "Anno Domini sixteen-six, is a solemn date for us to fix deep in our memory." Lord Horn the match report will be a game of two halves and I still cannot believe that substitution!! See you Saturday.
  2. Tangerine Dream were there in October 1975, left after about 45 mins, it wasn''t and still isn''t my my type of music. Lord Horn, I''ll be at the Gate tomorrow night and I can give you a match report in the Jube on Saturday.
  3. Having been there, it was a fair reflection of a very dull game but a clean sheet, 3 points and an impressive start for our new left back who''s to complain? OTBC
  4. Great Thread, 1st game in 67 Bury at home 1-0 Terry Alcock, apparently I was bit confused because I thought we were playing Bury St Edmunds!, used get taken to a home match once a season as a birthday treat. Started in going on my own in 70/71 in the River End then the Barclay and finally became a South Stand season ticket holder until I moved to Bristol in 1990. In the meantime have been a regular home and away attender and renewed my season ticket 5years ago. Tried watching Rovers and BRFC couple of times and was very bored, I am however a Bristol Rugby Season Ticket holder and found it very strange the first time that I started chanting Bristol at the rugby and have also been member of Gloucestershire CC. I still wear my birthday present scarf from 1967 although it is becoming a little threadbare now!
  5. Radio Bristol''s 16.00 hrs news didn''t mention even refer to the game and the rain is due to stop within the hour.
  6. Hi Bury GreenYes, the land has now been formally designated as a "Village Green" and BCFC have a very few days left to gather evidence with which to appeal and that it is an area that the residents of Ashton Vale have walked their dogs, I will admit that it is not your typical picturesque Village Green with a pub and cricket square
  7. Hi Bristol Nest and BudgieBristol Nest..... "a regional hypermarket will bring more people into the area"..... don''t know whether you cross the Downs and the river into Bedminster and Southville very often but these are thriving areas full of small businesses which do not need the presence of a major retailer such as Sainsbury, if the store was built there the area would end up like Westbury on Trym! Budgie...yes it is the derelict area on the left hand side of Bristol Temple Meads if you are arriving on a London train.Bristol Nest........it is surprising how many of us have ended up here...last season for the Leeds away match on Sky about 20 city supporters gathered in the Roo Bar in Clifton.
  8. As a canary exile having lived in Bristol for over 25 years, I have absolutely no sympathy for BCFC and would discourage any City supporter on Saturday from signing the petition for the following reasons.   ·         To finance the new stadium they originally want to sell off their current site to Sainsburys, so JS can then build the biggest supermarket in the South West and in doing so destroy the local and thriving businesses in Bedminster and Southville. Fortunately planning permission from the Council was rejected for this and like Budgie I’m not aware that they have yet found a new buyer for Ashton Gate. ·         The propose new site is an area with very restricted transport access, a bit like Wycombe’s ground and the traffic chaos if they ever manage to half fill the ground will be immense. ·         The Club bought the site at Long Ashton and then failed to connect/communicate with the local residents to convince them of the benefits living next to a 42,000 stadium and also a large arena for rock concerts etc  which will be used much regularly than every other Saturday. Sadly the value of the site has been considerably reduced as it has now been given “Village Green” status. ·         There is a brown field site close to Bristol Temple Meads station which would be ideal for both a stadium and an arena, however they will not consider this as the club/chairman has already bought the Long Ashton site. This BTM station site already has planning approval for an arena and could easily accommodate a football stadium as well. ·         I also fail to understand why they want a 42,000 capacity stadium (apart from the dubious privilege of possibly hosting a 2018 world cup match if England are selected as hosts) when their own predictions suggest that if they got into the Premier League they would have an average capacity of 24,500. ·         Their current capacity is 21,500 and attendance is around 15,000 how will they fund the shortfall in revenue? ·         It is being widely stated in the local press and media around that just 22 people vetoed the new stadium with the successful  Village Green application, but a survey earlier this year of local residents in Long Ashton found 188 people objected to the stadium  and only 1 was for it.   I could go on but I hope you get my drift  
  9. Not sure about the dirtiest players as the rules were different then, I''d rather suggest "hardest" players and they would be Hockey, Big Dunc and Keelan.
  10. If you not away on your hols, does anybody fancy meeting up in the Roo Bar to watch the game?
  11. 238 miles and theorectically 4hrs 11mins @ 70 mph
  12. Jim, I don''t question their loyalty but I do question their common sense.Lets try a role reversal scenario and 16 Rovers supporters had a very pleasant liquid pre match meal at Carrow Road and then appeared in the middle of the Barclay or god forbid the Snake Pit and started standing up and singing in an aggressive and belittling way aimed at the home supporters.What do you think would have happened? I think even the Jarrold Stand may have even reacted.
  13. Thanks Rupethebear, having lived in Bristol for nearly thirty years I am now able to differentiate between a Bristol and Norwich accent. Also I can''t imagine any Bristol City supporter would dare or have the courage to come to the Mem and make a noise in the Home Stand.
  14. How many Rovers fans would call themselves Wroxham Bridge? I may live in Bristol and do go and watch most Bristol Rugby Club games at the Memorial Stadium but I stood on the Barclay through out the 70''s and yesterday was my 23rd city game of the season and next Sunday I will be at Wembley, so I will let you make your own mind up.
  15. Which stand were you in? I was two rows below them.
  16. What happened in the home stand was a group of time warped Norwich supporters from the 70''s in rows G and H decided to behave like boozed up Leeds supporters. They started agressively shouting and singing and consequently the Rovers supporters took umbrage and some handbags started flying around. Four initially got thrown out and the rest quietely left when the second goal went in and the Bill finally arrived.The sad thing was that there was alot of city supporters including families with kids in the stand enjoying the atmosphere before the "Leeds supporters" turned up which was just minutes before kick off. Two kids at their first city away game sitting behind me were in tears and got so panicky when the big boys got out of their prams that their parents left the ground with them just after the first goal went in.
  17. The Ashley Arms mentioned in SouthWest Canary''s list of pubs fortunately no longer exists and is now called the Lazy Dog. If you get into Bristol early a very pleasant pub tour  of about 1.5 miles up the Glouscester Road (from the City Centre end of the road) to the Memorial Ground can be had by starting at The Prince of Wales (on the corner of Gloucester Road/Zetland Road) taking in some other fine hosteleries along the route such as The Robin Hood Retreat, The Bristol Flyer, The Victoria, The Royal Oak to name a few before finishing at The Wellington opposite the ground, there are also lots of great cafes and take aways along the route as well.
  18. The london Bridge route could be interesting as Leeds are at Gillingham on Saturday.
  19. Does anybody know if the date for the final been confirmed yet? as I can only find a provisonal date of May 9th
  20. There has been a distinct lack of response to my post.  I guess no-one is going to the Roo Bar and I shall watch it in the Sportsman  instead. (off Nevil Rd)
  21. Who''s going to the Roo Bar for the Tranmere game on Friday night?
  22. Dear Cluck I hope your "proper supporter" comment was tongue in cheek, if not please could you argue why the following disqualifies me from being one.  Although I have lived in Bristol for the last 26 years, I saw my City first game in 1968, am a shareholder and a Super Member, been a season ticket holder, went to Milan, both cupfinals at Wembley and many games in between (including Fulham away and Charlton away). This season it''s nine games so far and will be watching us against Walsall, Hartlepool and Millwall.      
  23. Any one going to watch Paulton play Taunton on Saturday as they are giving vouchers away for the cup game?
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