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  1. Dear NCFC please read this

    If you're the owner of this website:

    The connection to the origin web server was made, but the origin web server timed out before responding. The likely cause is an overloaded background task, database or application, stressing the resources on your web server. To resolve, please work with your hosting provider or web development team to free up resources for your database or overloaded application.

  2. 12 hours ago, Pockthorpe said:

    Hello again !! Yes I remember now you were also up to see your stepson. The Riverside Terrace and bar ? My son had not long started at Bristol Uni . Am I right in thinking you’re in the Bristol area or have I got that completely wrong ! 
    Hope you’re keeping well and would be great to bump into you at another away game . Another 4-0 would do us well !

    If the vaccine is effective, we can all return to watching live games and then I'm sure we will bump into each other again, I hope your son is staying safe in Brizzle, I live halfway between Bath and Bristol.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Pockthorpe said:

    Indeed .

    As an aside Bristol Nest . Did I meet you at Sheff Wednesday away in 2018 when we won 4-0 ? I was walking up the hill with my youngest son to what was the away pub , you were walking down , as it wasn’t an away pub any more ! We ended up in a bar on the Don right near Hillsborough . Can’t be many Norwich fans Bristol way . Apologies if it wasn’t you ! 

    Hi Pockthorpe, it was me and I was at the game using the excuse of coming up to see my stepson who was at Sheffield Uni, the game produced an unexpected result! 

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