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  1. There were a couple of racist tweets from a Liverpool bloke - Vaughan didn''t rise to it at all but re-tweeted one to show what was going on.Then loads of his followers bombarded the Liverpool bloke, and anyone and everyone important with the news and also copies of the racist tweets.I think the Liverpool bloke may have deleted his twitter account - hope he gets caught!
  2. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] It was the right sub; fantastic effort from Holt, superb energy to get to Pilks quality cross first, but as the second header showed (should have headed down rather than across) and the poor pass to pilkington his quality is not quite there yet. Super sub for me[/quote]Whats the goal scoring to minutes played ratio between Holt and Morrison this season? 
  3. Watched him last night, and wondered who we have that could have done a better job if fit.He gave so much, he won balls in the air, good tackling, good distribution, genuine pace and I have rarely seen anyone break from the centre of defence so quickly and confidently to assist Tierney in setting up the second goal.  I think he just stunned Sunderland with that run.I am a big fan of Whitbread, and to a lesser extent Ward.  De Laet has made a few to many mistakes but still looks class.But I genuinely don''t believe any of those players could provide a more convincing all round performance than Martin last night - surely he would have to make some big mistakes to be dropped even when the other centre backs are fit!
  4. Whaley may appear to have been out muscled, but when we saw it on Sky he was slightly infront of his man, which made it look more like he was pushed over from behind.  The Spillane incident is prettr much the same, just a different area of the pitch.
  5. Watched this game on Sky, as it wasn''t easy to go, but there was a foul on Whaley inside their box, which was more or less exactly the same as Spillanes. The player was slightly behind Whaley and pushed in to his ribs under his arm to knock him over. No penalty given. Spillanes foul was pretty much the same, and I think becuase of the collision he was sent off. Very little difference between these two incidents though imo.
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