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  1. [quote user="cufcone"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Exactly Barside Edd, gridge match yes, derby no chance.[/quote] Defintly a grudge match and not a derby,our derby will always be Southend while Norwichs will always be Ipswich. As for Cowlings comments,maybe the wrong thing to say but he has got what he wants and that is this game sold out nand that wouldn''t have happened before he said something. As for the result of this match,nothing is decided whoever wins. We win we will be 3 points behind with two games in hand,you win and we will be 9 points behind with two games in hand both which should be winnable fixtures. Still a long long way to go this season whatever the outcome of tomorrows game.... [/quote] games in hand are not points on the board..
  2. totally agree. there are neutrals who just go along to see the game aswell.
  3. Norwich are 1-0 down was the last i heard. Also missed a penalty.
  4. lambert made it clear he needed to sell before he bought.
  5. the steward who looks like Jerry Springer who is usually in Block E of the barclay
  6. because there were not that many familiar faces around where i was sitting.
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