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  1. Yeah i know,only joking... Its the same our end,it usaully gets worse at around 4 in the afternoon when they get home from school....
  2. The atmosphere has improved because our former manager (can''t remember his name) wanted our vocal fans sitting behind the goal together instead of dotted about around the ground. South stand now sounds good,shame the rest of our ground is now empty.....
  3. An agreement does''t just become irrelevant if he is no longer at the club.Things are done different in football to stop all this happening or Managers will be doing this sort of thing every week. Robbie Cowling has been clever about this as he knew Norwich would employ Lambert whatever
  4. As far as i know his resignation was refused. It doesn''t matter anyway because norwich AGREED not to offer Lambert employment untill the compensation was agreed. Compensation still hasn''t been agreed and Norwich offered him the job the next day.. I think you will end up with a fine and it will go to a tribunal to decide how much compensation Colchester will get
  5. What Norwich done wrong was they agreed not to offer Lambert employment untill compensation was agreed. It doesn''t matter if Lambert resigned or not.
  6. just be thankfull none of us have got Roy Keane....
  7. You are all happy,we are happy..Lets all get back to doing what we all do best.....Laughing at Ipswich
  8. You get an arrogant twat with his head stuck up his own arse,doesn''t know how to treat players and has done nothing during his management career and we get someone who took Watford to the premiership on a shoestring and we will be getting a nice bit of cash off you guys as well. You might go on about his style of play but would Watford have got promoted with a different style? i don''t think so.......I know who i think has come out better from all this
  9. You will be eating your words tomorrow when Aidy Boothroyd is announced as our new manager. And what happened to you taking all our players? I forgot,you haven''t got any money as you will be needing it to give to us.......
  10. Are you lot stupid or something? compensation had to be AGREED before you could offer Lambert employment. Just because you offered something doesn''t mean it is agreed....
  11. You broke the rules end of. And as for this "we are a bigger club" stuff makes you sound like Leeds....
  12. It doesn''t matter if Lambert resigned the problem is the agreement said Norwich were not to offer Lambert employment untill compensation was agreed. Compensation was not agreed and Lambert was unveiled as your new manager so Norwich went against what was agreed between the clubs. I think a points deduction is going a bit far but if it is proved Norwich broke the rules then they are looking at having to pay alot in compensation and will probably be hit with a big fine aswell.
  13. Not a bad player but i''m unsure whether he can cut it at this level. Very small player but quite skillfull. The reasons for him wanting to leave are because he is from up north and apparantly can''t settle down here but his timing does seem a bit strange. There are rumours going round that he didn''t want to ask for a transfer while Lambert was here because of the way he would have been treated by Lambert,probably would have ended up training with the youth team like everyone else who Lambert took a dislike to.
  14. My view is it has happened now it is time to move on.... But myself like most Col Utd fans are p**sed off with the way Lambert spent our money on building a squad,got rid of Jackson who was probably one of the best players we had and treated others like a piece of s**t then as soon as an offer from a bigger club comes along he is off. The way i see it Norwich fans have been screwed over aswell,why did your board allow Gunn to blow your budget on a squad then sack him so early? Yes we beat you but you followed that up in the perfect way with a 4-0 win at Yeovil. If like you say Gunn was so useless then why the hell didn''t they sack him in the summer and get someone in to start from fresh. Yet again the fans are the ones to suffer
  15. Believe me you wouldn''t want him. Against you was a one off,not in the same class as Holt. Slow and at times can be very lazy,gets beaten in the air too much and most of the time couldn''t hit a barn door. But if you offer 300k you can have him
  16. No cry baby here mate. The way i look at it all is f**k it,it has happened time to move on. Get some compensation and a new manager then carry on as normal. Alot worse has happened in football and no doubt alot worse will happen again. It just bothers me that Lambert has spent quite a bit of our money on building a squad then jumps ship as soon as another offer comes in from a bigger club. To be honest the whole situation seems dodgy to me and i beleive Lambert was approached to takeover at Norwich straight after we played you....
  17. To be honest i think Holt will score more than Lisbie this season...How about a swap????
  18. What i find funny is you all want to sign a player who couldn''t even get in your biggest rivals team and has to go on loan to another club.........
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