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  1. So many center backs and its now its near end of  Jan and still no idea who is able to perform week in week out. Clear half of them out  
  2.  I think Middlesbro will finish in the top 2 so only one up for grabs. Then the lottery starts
  3. Cannot say I''m sorry to see him go. He always looked emotionless at ManU and as someone else said he had little to do re the coaching, His Assistant Manager  job was making sure Mr Misery had a supply of chewing gum and going to Aldi''s for the ginger nuts. Not going to be missed at all.  Nothing changed in his time with Adams regarding tactics etc. He was on the dole for a year or so, if he was that good some club would have snapped him up. Think his move by McNally was to humour us mug fans who NCFC think are at times idiots. Be interesting how much he has pocketed for the short time he was here.
  4. That awful team could have scored 3 goals in the first half and that  awful team had NCFC fans relieved to hear the final whistle   PS Remind me what league Stoke play in and have for the past 7 or 8 seasons
  5. Be lucky to get enough money for weekend in Margate. Worst center forward/striker this club has ever signed in the last 100 years. At least the others wasters we signed as strikers did''nt cost 7 million plus. Whoever watched him and thought he was worth that sort of money should be sacked. Poor first touch, can''t shoot, can''t run 
  6. Bassong did not want to know and let the club down with if attitude last season and this season. Get rid of troublemakers otherwise they bring the others down
  7. Two poor sides no wonder my wife watches Corrie
  8. Yankee are you John from New York who I met at the  NCFC game on their US tour at Saccremento CA a couple of years back when Redmond made his debut
  9. No Thanks Bad attitude if he did''nt want to play for Neil Adams who at least had played at top level football whats he going to think of taking orders from a 33 year old with  a lesser record
  10. What a difference a year makes, Villa fans calling for Mr Lamberts head. He looked like he had the worlds problems on his shoulders on MOTD Still theirs always Colchester  or Peterborough
  11. Be good idea that he brings in his own management team, after last weeks no shots against PNE and the no show in by some of our last away games Phelan has not had much impact.
  12. Lake District Compleely agree to many think they are a wee bit better than the rest of us think
  13. Iron stan wrote from a motivational perspective bassong made it quite clear what he thought of an inexperienced manager (adams) taking over, and in all fairness it was a similar situation at man utd when they gave moyes the job, he wasnt a big enough name, and in truth he hadnt won enough to garner enough respect from his squad so they didnt really respond to him   Well good ridddance to Bassong and anymore of the overpaid who are not prepared to work with the guy. Perhaps like a few of the so called stars who left CR they can join the dole queue of unwanted players Give the man the benefit of the doubt, prefer him to Phelan ,Sherwood ,Warnock and the rest of the merry go round losers The BOD''s blew it 12 months ago
  14. Nothing wrong with him being gay, straight  or cross dresser as far as I am concerned but given the load of crap spoken by the BOD''s regarding all the media presentations he helps with does not convince the majority of shareholders as to his value plus the continuous excuses the BOD''s make for his absence from meetings.Perhaps had we had the Chelsea bankrolller we would not be wondering if its going to be back to DIV1 for the loyal 24000 plus instead of a pastry cook and a TV so called personality
  15. After attending Share Holders meeting from the  days of Arthur South, Robert Chase to present bunch nothing has changed. This club is guaranteed to do everything on the cheap. When the club got relegated from the Premiership we were told saving had to be made and redundacies were going to happen. And happen they did. BUT Mr McNally got his raise and a bonus for us dropping out of the league. Fobbed off with another load of crap that he does wonders for the club apart from footall decisions  a bit like our gay director Mr Fry who does fantastic media work.  PS thought we were a football club doubt if he would be able to find Carrow Road without a SatNav So while the BOD''s sip their sherry at the monthly get together they decide to appoint Phelan just in case Adams appointment goes pear shaped and we drop down the league. Known as covering our bases for those  simple Norfolk folk who accept all that the BOD''s say. Watch this space  
  16. Mind the Gap  I suggest you listen to the facts the gentleman stated which was the point of the call, no one is really interested where  his accent is from SPOT ON SHAUN
  17. Problem is with Carnary Call the guests are all ex players who are still mates with the players or are still employed by the club in some form. Reporters are also scared of being banned by McNally.
  18. CITY 1ST The usual yellow and green specs he wears, wears a bit thin. This club has for the past 50 years done things on the cheap. We have always been a selling club and always spouted being hard up, calling for money from supporters for years. NCFC are in the most envieable position where supporters and residents of East Anglia have NO WHERE else to go. Imagine if this set up was in The Midlands or London area or North West the gates would be 5000 at most. We have been treated like second class citizens by this club for years and still believe the crap the BOD''s throw at us. I was at the board meeting and no one like Shaun had the guts including myself to address the board re the problems/
  19. Well if Hooper is our best forward then their is not much hope for the rest best they join the dole queue as soon as possible  
  20. Don''t you all realise CITY 1st only see''s football through yellow and green glasses''es WHY should''nt Bournemouth grace The Premiership they have a much better side than NCFC are run by a better manager and BOD''s. Remember Wimbledon Probably come up with the usual answer Ipswich supporter or some snide remark  
  21. Eleven appearances so far this season. Cody Macdonald scored for the Gills today, Adams should never have let him go either. Are you really a NCFC supporter Adams had nothing to do with Cody going no more than Adams had anything to do with my wife getting pregnant. GET REAL
  22. Newton Did you read load of squits reply to my same question. That is the way we are going to play now, go in 0-0 to confuse the opponents to thinking we are useless and then Adams pounces and brings on a matchwinner Don''t bother to even post this board is one reason why I never posted till Norwich City mad blog died. Name calling due to lack of brains
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