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  1. Nice to see every player singing the National Anthem and knowing the words and showing the passion for their countries.Bit different from Rooney and his crowd

    !0-0 to Wales  after 9 mins

  2. daly

    Team for Saturday

     Elliot Bennett is a Div 1 player at best

    Would like to see Martin at RB and Ryan Bennett along side Bassong

  3. daly

    Hey Hey We're The Monkees

    Lucky it came out in the 60''s now with all the politically correct jargon it would have to be Hey Hey we''re The Primates and we''re just primating around


  4. Sorry to say  but before  NCFC ever play in Europe again we will see Freddy Laker type vacations to Mars under the present set up
  5. He put on his house request to NCFC 2 d''s instead of an N  known as double dutch
  6. Just leaving the ground absoulote rubbish.

    Manager looks lost in the league

  7. Wake up Herman

     Ryan Bennett played center back at 16/17 years of age  for Grimsby in 2006/7  he has played over 250 games professional games

  8. I know Alex Neil is living at the YMCA and his side kick is booked in at a later date when he feels ready
  9. daly

    Frankie McAvoy comments

    Probably a good idea to sack them both now save the families going to Aldi''s for banana boxes for packing.

    Get in someone local from Wroxham or Norwich United

  10. I was refering to the first half.


  11. Hardly put a foot wrong.

       Hardly touched the ball against a side that have only been out of their own half a couple of times. My Granny could have played center back against this lot

  12. Bor Bor

    Like the potato comment

    Baked potato''s off the menu

    Next Andy Townsend

    then that BBC Dwarf with or without the tach

  13. daly

    Norwich City Home Shirts


    If he''s had a season ticket for 8 years then hardly a tourist.

    The whole shirt deal plus all the other crap they sell is a rip off so the like of ManU etc can pay players £200000 a week and we pay for it.

    PS Buh before you come up with your usual snide remarks regarding me not being a city fan, I have been going to Carrow Road since 1946 and have been a shareholder since the 70''s.

  14. daly

    Iwan Roberts

    I have known Robbo for years from the days of being a neighbour and speak to him a lot about football at Greens. He only ever makes a comment of a situation, no different to anyone making a statement on this board. He never quotes that so and so said this or that, everything he writes in the paper is off his own back . I know he still has lots of friends who he speaks to at  NCFC but he never makes that point.
  15. daly

    Jos Hooiveld

    So many center backs and its now its near end of  Jan and still no idea who is able to perform week in week out.

    Clear half of them out


  16. daly

    Tonight's games

     I think Middlesbro will finish in the top 2 so only one up for grabs. Then the lottery starts
  17. daly

    Mike Phelan

    Cannot say I''m sorry to see him go. He always looked emotionless at ManU and as someone else said he had little to do re the coaching, His Assistant Manager  job was making sure Mr Misery had a supply of chewing gum and going to Aldi''s for the ginger nuts.

    Not going to be missed at all.  Nothing changed in his time with Adams regarding tactics etc.

    He was on the dole for a year or so, if he was that good some club would have snapped him up. Think his move by McNally was to humour us mug fans who NCFC think are at times idiots.

    Be interesting how much he has pocketed for the short time he was here.

  18. I don''t think it was his ring he was picking
  19. Hope it was''nt a case of having to get married
  20. That awful team could have scored 3 goals in the first half and that  awful team had NCFC fans relieved to hear the final whistle


    PS Remind me what league Stoke play in and have for the past 7 or 8 seasons

  21. daly


    Be lucky to get enough money for weekend in Margate. Worst center forward/striker this club has ever signed in the last 100 years. At least the others wasters we signed as strikers did''nt cost 7 million plus. Whoever watched him and thought he was worth that sort of money should be sacked. Poor first touch, can''t shoot, can''t run 
  22. daly

    Team for Saturday.......

    Bassong did not want to know and let the club down with if attitude last season and this season. Get rid of troublemakers otherwise they bring the others down
  23. daly

    TWO Poor Sides

    Two poor sides no wonder my wife watches Corrie