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  1. Chris and Russel Martin are as Scottish as the Kray twins
  2. Seemingly been known for years in the show business Why now. To call him a hero is laughable
  3. Got to be Kevin Keenan around 570 appearances over 17 seasons followed by Peters then Hucks. That was loyalty a forgotten word by today’s players
  4. NO. Her chances of getting Corbyns job is about 50% better than Michelle Obama beating Donald Trump in the next election
  5. Next you’ll want Meghan Markle to run for Corbyn’s job
  6. 9 of their last 14 are at home no way will they miss out on the playoffs
  7. I did a buy back for Villa game and my ticket sold according to guyI sit next to haven't heard re money refund
  8. Had a job getting to sleep last night could not get over the scene where Holly Willoughby put her head on his shoulder and snuggled up to him. Reminded me of a Labrador on heat
  9. Amazing the crap on the NCFC FOOTBALL PAGE and the moderator if that is what he is called REMOVES my post re Michael Barrymore on the NON football page
  10. Guess a big payday coming up from OK mag or similar. All that rubbish stating wife is full of support for him seems a publicity stunt. Cannot imagine most men’s wives being so understanding especially after 27 years
  11. How long will this post last?? Put a post up yesterday re Channel 4’s coverage of the Michael Barrymore case and its been removed Says a lot for free speech
  12. No I’m Spartacus
  13. She’s probably traumatised from her experience in bed with Corbyn
  14. Nuff said I grew up in the 50s 60’s when a murder made the newspaper headlines now it’s not even reported by the media unless it’s in London or terrorist related. There’s more murders now in a week than we had in a year. Women in general could walk the streets without fear of being attacked, kids could play outside. There’s always going to be exceptions to above but in general those days were 100% safer than now.
  15. That statement sounds like something Diane Abbott would come up with. Don’t doubt the facts but probably 90% of that money is going to lawyers milking the system. As was said before we will never know how much of a deterrent the Death Penalty would make to gang violence, terrorism etc but sure if a survey was taken of individuals put to them that would the death sentence deter you from killing someone then I’m sure the reinstatement of it would win hands down. This is obviously not going to happen and stabbings, shootings, terrorism is only going to increase and now the liberals will oppose prison sentences as being to harsh or being an intrusion of their civil rights. It’s a no win situation.
  16. So you think Lee Rigbys killers, Steve Wright, Levi Bellfield, Pete Sutcliffe deserve a second chance. With today’s DNA mistakes are impossible plus why should us tax payers have to pay around £1000 a week to keep them in luxury with 24 hour round the clock health care
  17. First who cares if a word is spelt right or wrong everyone knows what was meant. Didn’t think it would be long before the do Gooders on this board would side with the terrorists . These people play the system in prison, tell the Parole Board what they want to hear and you’re out. Convert to Islam and the cell doors will be on permanent unlock so you can pray etc. The Death Penalty might no stop the radicals but its one less on the streets to murder and main U.K. citizens
  18. Still hate his teeth. Always reminds me of that other great Liverpool performer. Red Rum
  19. From the1950’s NCFC have never really had any money despite always being a selling club
  20. Agree not played in many countries apart from South/North America, the cost involved for kids at school for equipment is astronomical and runs into several hundred dollars and soccer is growing over there. Each to his own still enjoy the highlights
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