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  1. Perhaps Meghan can can have word with The Queen
  2. Same as when the National Anthem is played at England games they stand their like it is in a foreign language. Comical to see their mouths moving but nothing coming out. Guess if they set it to rap music there could be more response. Sad really
  3. daly

    What's you second sport?

    Interesting Morty and Lessingham Tales from the Unexpected
  4. Perhaps some sitting around the city between visiting the off license could apply for jobs
  5. When I first went to CR there was no segregation of fans and you stood wherever was available. No idea when the segregation started as only a few had season tickets and the majority paid at the gate. Think Man U were the first to cause real problems when they climbed on the Barclay roof. Sure someone will know answers to above
  6. The last couple of seasons under Farke has seen some of the best football played at CR for years I do question his inability to use his subs earlier.
  7. daly

    I actually want us to sell a player

    On relegation day BOD issues statement that we do not need to sell and we will be in the top 6 come end of next season. In reality talks are progressing to sell Arrons, Cantwell, Godfrey, and Buendia
  8. Cannot any Premiership club rushing out to poach the manager of a team finishing probably bottom of the league
  9. daly

    Man City 10 1p5wich 0

    Because it’s Ipswich some have to gloat. At least they have a team to try and compete
  10. daly

    If we go down -

    Seems lots on here think it’s a forgone conclusion that we will be in the top 2 next season. We have always been a selling club over the years and nothing is going to change. We sell the nucleus of the side and it’s mid table for the foreseeable future
  11. Well if we sell the above no way will we make a quick return,
  12. daly

    Mixed emotions after that

    Duda hardly broke into a sweat
  13. Cantwell has another great game only hope we can keep him. Seems hardly likely
  14. daly

    It's a Free Hit!

    Do you think the game is at Eaton Park
  15. daly


    Love his teeth
  16. daly

    Philip Schofield

    100% correct
  17. daly

    Norwich v Liverpool

    Perhaps he’ll send out the Shrewsbury 11
  18. daly

    Hail the Scottish badgers

    Chris and Russel Martin are as Scottish as the Kray twins
  19. daly

    Philip Schofield

    Seemingly been known for years in the show business Why now. To call him a hero is laughable
  20. daly

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Got to be Kevin Keenan around 570 appearances over 17 seasons followed by Peters then Hucks. That was loyalty a forgotten word by today’s players
  21. daly

    President Trump

    NO. Her chances of getting Corbyns job is about 50% better than Michelle Obama beating Donald Trump in the next election
  22. daly

    Life on the Inside.

    Good player mixed up lad
  23. daly

    President Trump

    Next you’ll want Meghan Markle to run for Corbyn’s job
  24. 9 of their last 14 are at home no way will they miss out on the playoffs
  25. daly

    President Trump

    How about 8 years