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  1. daly

    Kenny Mclean

    What pub did you watch it from. 100% commitment from the whole side
  2. daly

    Kenny Mclean

    Gives 100% commitment
  3. daly

    Farke post match press conference

    Leitner was at the match yesterday
  4. Looked like one pissed off bunny sitting on the ground at the end of the game
  5. Thought he looked like Huggy Bear out of Starsky and Hutch
  6. daly


    100% correct looked like a spoilt child, seemed reluctant to even shake hands at the end
  7. daly

    Relegation points total

    Probably fitter than the old days when halftime was for a quick fag
  8. daly


    Remember the site it got quite hairy at times
  9. daly

    Relegation points total

    Pity it’s not a 12 month season we’d be almost safe
  10. Love to see him start, it’s his on field tantrums that are really childish. Were he playing for the opposition he would get lots of stick
  11. daly

    Arsenal Game Moved?

    Make sure you take your mask
  12. My wife and I travel to London on a regular basis leave Thorpe Station on the 9AM arrive Liverpool St 10.30AM Perfect trip always been on time. Free coffee, biscuits etc Friendly staff the perfect way to travel
  13. daly

    John Ruddy to return?

    Let him go to Ipswich
  14. daly

    3 points against Leicester?

    Thought the idea stated at the AGM was to be a successful Premiership side
  15. daly

    3 points against Leicester?

    We have done really well???? We’re bottom of the league the equivalent of 9 points from safety
  16. daly

    Team spirit

  17. daly

    A pointless new thread

    Let’s hope your bus has been well serviced in the close season and passed it’s MOT and not had to have a load of replacement parts
  18. daly

    A pointless new thread

    It’s not over till it’s over. ITS OVER
  19. daly

    Wolves Match Thread.

    More likely 80 minutes
  20. daly

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Amazing how some on here now stating Buendia. He proves how he can change a game but if Farke brings him on around 80 minutes think he’s entitled to feel pissed off
  21. daly

    VAR - what needs to happen

    Got to feel sorry for Bournemouth yesterday going from 1 - 1 to 2 down in thanks to VAR
  22. Can’t remember the last time having 6 white players lining up next to 5 white players as you put it. Perhaps you would prefer our anthem to be “”The Red Flag “”
  23. daly

    Season tickets

    Did buy back for the Villa game as I was in USA Hope I will get more than £5 but no response when I left message with club re above. It’s only been 2 months since I contacted them and got message they will call back when a rep is available.