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  1. Problem goes back long before Webber and to be fair he has inherited a backlog of a number of city signing being a complete waste of money. We should now be building a side round the youngsters and be at least a mid-table Premiership side. The financial problems with NCFC have gone back donkey years and for a side that plays to full houses every season someone needs to sort out the mess this club gets into on a regular basis
  2. Last season we witnessed some of the best football played by a NCFC side for many years. It will be the greatest disappointment to most city fans if this team is broken up. In Godfrey, Zinnemann, Lewis, Max Aaron’s, Cantwell, Buendiu, Hernandez and Idah with an average age around 22 we could have been the equivalent of the Busby Babes for years to come. I just hope that the BOD do all in their power to keep this side together.
  3. 3 more points for Watford who were doomed prior to coming to CR
  4. Even his dog is bored with his comments. Didn’t know Kings Lynn was across the border Peter
  5. Careful all you fans telling it how it is the usual suspects will be calling you binners.
  6. Been trying to think of the right/left half wild foreign player who was more temperamental than Ossie Osbourne
  7. Whatever the situation is at Ipswich have some sympathy for the fans who through no fault of their own are going through a rough time supporting their club. I can remember when we were in a worse position seeking re-election to Div 3 South where you couldn’t get much lower
  8. No way will we be going to Leeds next season
  9. Going to be a tough game, depends how Preston view the game in respect of hoping to make the playoffs. Would like to see us take the FA Cup seriously as winning can give us at least some momentum going into the next games. Probably won’t happen though
  10. Problem is we’ve been in this position so many times and have not learnt any lessons from previous years. You have to spend millions just to stand still and ensure survival. Under the present set up we have no chance and with Master Tom taking over the club in the future nothing will change. With the growing population of Norwich and surrounding area and given the nearest Premier League team is approx 100 miles we deserve better
  11. Afraid this seasons call on subs has been pretty grim to say the least
  12. Don’t think if we had King Canute as NCFC Manager he could turn the tide in our favour
  13. Didn’t that **** side Villa do the double over us
  14. Whoever it is has been ripped off £7 with a pint at Wetherspoons
  15. At least Bercow didn’t make the list of overrated being given honours
  16. Just watched the latest horror show where NCFC dominated 75% of the game as they have in a lot of the games this season only for the wicked witch to spoil the plot
  17. Pity he can’t header the ball 2nd chance should have been buried
  18. Makes him sound like something off the allotment
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