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  1. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]Completely agree Kurious. he can be a pain but he says what he thinks and doesn''t sit on the fence. Who wants to listen to most of the others who manage to get through the entire program without expressing an opinion on anything at all in case they upset the establishment.When he slated Man U''s performance the other day showing clips of them humping the ball upfield it was the first time anyone had the balls to say that van Gal''s team are playing horrible attrition football. Good for him.[/quote] I agree with that. Although I didn''t like his attitude as a player, in his current job I think he is a breath of fresh air, and very entertaining on Radio 5Live. And, he is always honest enough to say that he himself was only an average player and not good enough to make it at Man Utd where he started.
  2. A legend will probably have both the skill and charisma and for me also it has to be Keelan. All the great names have been named here bar Dave Stringer, Norwich through and through, always a favourite of mine.
  3. I cannot believe this thread…. Omnishambles? If you are looking for a car crash check out Blackpool FC who have cancelled their pre-season tour because they have 8 players. Be very thankful for the wonderful club we have.
  4. I moved away from Norfolk in the late sixties, but once a Canary, always a Canary. Over the years I have always had respect from others for that (except maybe in Suffolk!). If they are within 50 miles or so from me, I''ll always try to make that game. Now my local teams are Blackpool and Fleetwood - one a complete car crash and the other a very fine little club who I have the pleasure of following as my 2nd team.
  5. For me Duncan Forbes. Kevin Keelan, what a man! I too was there - probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in football. Not sure about the score, I thought it might have been goalless, but rain was hosing it down. ND
  6. An excellent thread Guys, refreshingly so! http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/emoticons/emotion-22.gif
  7. Be very careful what you wish for…. we might need a change, but not that one.
  8. At last, a proper replacement for Bill Punton!
  9. ""the City stand ......... A second tier on that with another 3-3.5K supporters" eh ? It cannot be built upon, it would need to be completely demolished" Are you sure about that City1st? When the City Stand was built and eyebrows were raised about its small size, I am sure we were told not to worry because it had been intentionally built with suitable foundations for the addition of a second tier as and when we needed it. Of course I understand that we might have been told a porky; and modern building regs might have overtaken us anyway.
  10. We play a well disciplined defensive 4-5-1 with good shape. We are just carp in the scoring department. Surely we have the nouse to play two up front now without losing our defensive strength. We WILL be ok IF we play two up front, at least for the remaining home games. ND
  11. I''m with those who say sign him up. Good shift today with poor support.
  12. Interesting list. Terry Allcock''s games per goal figure is impressive considering that in his later career he played in defence. That might apply to a few others. ND
  13. I love Bellers, both when he was with us those years ago, and when following his career since then. But, they say don''t go back, and for all the reasons already mentioned I think that is right in this case. But hey! what a great thought!http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/emoticons/emotion-5.gif
  14. Clear favourite - Kevin Keelan then Dave Stringer, Tommy Bryceland (Wes always reminds me of him) and Hucks
  15. You can get direct trains to Blackpool - about the same distance an Manchester. You will get a cheaper, but rougher, night in Blackpool. Far more choice, and style, in Manc. It just depends what you want.ND
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