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  1. No I said you can better sign a new striker instead of another goalkeeper, our 4th. Tettey is a good player yes, he''s a class act, hope he plays like that at Spurs, so I''m wrong ... OTBC
  2. I was quite positive for a good result v Spurs on saturday but now we face the great Belgium midfielder Dembele again after his tranfer from Fulham. Hope we can stop him but he was very good at Craven Cottage, we are warned now .... So we buy another goalkeeper, why, we already have 3 good goalkeepers, 2 from our own great academy, this is money we can better use for a good striker.  
  3. I saw him last night play for Anderlecht in the Europa League away in Cyprus v Limassol. Anderlecht lost 2 - 1, so need a victory at home to reach the group phase. Biglia is a Howson kind of player, little, full of running, asks for the ball all the time, takes all freekicks  but but sometimes he wants to do too much and he plays in a slow tempo or maybe it was the heat in Cyprus. He''s a good player but we already have 3 kind of players like him, our 3 Leeds midfielders. We need a more attacking midfielder who can score goals and goes forward more often, in my opinion, but maybe I''m wrong .....
  4. I agree with You Mrs Miggins  , You are the only one I believe who has Jackson in the team and that''s the right choice for me too: -----------------Ruddy------------------ K Smith ---- R Martin -- Ward ---- Tierney E Bennett -- Howson -- Hoolahan -- Pilkington ------------ Holt ------Jackson ---------  
  5. Yes play Jackson, he runs his socks off, makes good forward runs, is the only forward player who really can hold up the ball very well, we need him in the team to play well and press forward with pace. I think he''s understimated, he makes things happen, a handfull for any defence ... come on Mr Hughton before it''s too late !
  6. Okay, at least after the tv playing dates were confirmed !
  7. Norwich City Ticket Office say they are waiting for confirmation ... As soon as Stoke qualified for the European League you knew this was possible, all the match dates of the European and Premier League were known, so it''s a disgrace that we still don''t know.
  8. How long do the supporters have to wait, to know what time we k.o. v Stoke at Carrow Road on sunday the 21st of august ??? Come on Norwich City Football Club, you promised us monday .... that was yesterday !
  9. Well last week the club didn''t give anything away on which day the game will be played if Stoke would win, while we all know they can think and plan in advance ... (???) Now Stoke have come through in front of a 30.000 Split crowd,  it''s time to give us, the fans, the new match date ... Or do we first have wait for Mr Blatter and his UEFA draw this afternoon ?  
  10. I''m sure both clubs, Norwich and Stoke, know that if Stoke go through to the next Round of the European League, Stoke will have to play their next game on thursday the 18th of august, two days before our home game with Stoke. The clubs must have thought about this and will know now what the alternative playing date will be and also the kick-off time. I think Norwich supporters have the right to know this now, so please Norwich City Football Club come forward and tell us ! Many people will have to make other arrangements ...
  11. I agree the team was no good but it was not helped by Sky, pressure is pressure for a good or a bad team ! As we didn''t want to listen to the scores of the other teams on that saturday we went to the Colchester (Paul Lambert & Tierney) v Peterborough (Russel Martin & Joe Lewis) match instead and saw a good Peterborough side become League One champions. Boyd was outstanding. Not much I can remember from the game 2 days later .. maybe I can watch the recorded Sky Reading cd again to see if we were really that bad under Gunn ''smile'' ... oh dear ..
  12. Two seasons ago we were relegated as our last home game was moved to the monday night by Sky TV. All the other teams had played on saturday and Norwich knew they had to win v Reading to have any chance in the last game of the season away at Charlton to avoid the drop. The team didn''t perform at all under this kind of pressure and were beaten well by 2 Long goals, it looked like the team and the whole of Carrow Road were frozen. Now Sky does the same to us, and this time it''s about promotion to the Premier League, so not many Norwich supporters will be happy with Sky these days and as written before we will have 2.5 days less rest for our last home game v the Sky Blues. Hope we can beat them all this time, including crap Sky !!! OTBC
  13. So we sold Nelson which everybody thought was a big risk, we loaned out Askou to rival team Millwall which was strange too and now Barnett is out for the season and we have only two central defenders left and no cover on the bench. Drury is not good enough, ruthless, as a central defender and Tierney, I don''t know. Lets bring Askou back immediately from Millwall or is that not possible as an emergency and are we not learning from our earlier mistakes and loaning out our players for fun.
  14. Well I think Crofts looked very poor too last night and TIRED .. poor misplaced short passes .. no urge to go forward .. sorry he was not the usual Andrew Crofts .. but Wales played like Sheffield U did under Gary Speed .. very poor yes !
  15. He was a leader last season and scored great goals (like Malky), and he did the same this season when he was in the team. We have seen that Lambert has chosen for two other defenders and he''s right to think he''s too good to sit on our bench. And with no reserve games at Carrow Road you don''t want to hang around to long, you want to play football, big mistake by NCFC and Lambert. I thought we were already missing his presence and goals .. good luck to Scunthorpe !
  16. Well that''s (only) 24 fit players to choose from at the moment, including Ball, Habergham, Dawkin and Francomb, not that much for a so called BIG club that we think we are. Many players out on loan now because they must get very bored here when you hardly ever play a Reserve game, a joke really. Now it''s to wait for more injuries (3 are still injured) and suspensions to come which we can''t have right now if we want to be up there in the top 6 at the end of the season. Roeder broke up Reserve team football .. Lambert did the same .. yeah blame in on finance, we believe everything. Loan Roeder has a new friend .. Mr Loan Lambert, 7 players out on loan and 1 on loan .. so far .. good balance. Hope Mr Luck is still on our side ???
  17. At least our Reserve team is still unbeaten .. no games ... no injuries .. no match fitness for our fringe players .. no confidence .. the subs bench will no stay happy all the time I''m afraid ... PL
  18. "smile" great post, totaly agree with you !!!! The boring Champions League and the Europa League is now exactly of the same format, group games, more games, more money, more injuries (?). Succes gives you more games to play so accept it (Wenger & Ferguson). But in "every" qualifying round you lose in the Champion League you still enter the Europa League .. even when you lose you go through .. more games, more money, UEFA ... Sepp Blatter !   Hope Norwich do well at the City Ground like 2 seasons ago on ITV, it can be done, and don''t come across a very good Earnshaw. Shame Brian Clough''s team is not on show .. we got the whole world in our hands !
  19. Sorry it''s not as good as you think in Spain because they play their Cup games over 2 legs .. remember last season when Real Madrid lost 4 - 0 away to lower league team Alcorcon, "yes it can be done" and they only won their home match 1 - 0 . So you have to play 2 games every round !
  20. Other teams get injuries too !!!   Andrew Croft will play 4 more times for Wales this season, yes he can get injured but that''s part of the game. He will be honoured to pull on his Welsh shirt so no problem with that. And everybody hopes he doesn''t gets injured like Sammy Clingan did every time he played for N-Ireland.   10 years ago a manager would never think about not playing any of his best players for a Cup game because 4 days later there is a League game. It''s a thong the big clubs have started because they have such big squads .. around 50 players. If you see how many players Man U Chelsea and Arsenal loan out every season it''s ridiculous ...
  21. 38 teams played last night, and yes it''s not likely one of them will be in the final but you play for honour and you try to beat better opposition in the Cup, that''s Cup football. And to take of Holt and Hoolahan when we still had a chance to equalise is very strange to me.   And what do you mean with risk players .. in every game of football they play there is a risk you can get injured .. that''s part of the game .. we also played Holt and Hoolahan from the start so why not the others.   In 58/59 we reached the semi finals of the FA Cup because it was a good team and we played the same team in League and Cup and not our Reserves. We, Norwich FC and supporters took it seriously, also our 4 League Cup Finals. And what do you think that in the 50''s/60''s/70''s/80''s and 90''s you could not get injured in Cup games, come on, it''s just a trend and everbody is talking the same rubbish and accept it like a puppet.   They are well paid pro''s who have a job to do and yes they can get injured anytime .. that''s football !!!!!
  22. Sometimes I don''t understand football anymore .. why do teams still participate .. if they don''t take it serously (Lambert).  I thought it was their job to perform and entertain supporters .. Norwich changed their team in 7 positions .. now you finally have a game against a Premier League team .. so why not play your best team and try to beat them .. the only thing you hear is .. but we also have a League game on saturday .. so what (???) .. Norwich were only 1 - 0 down ..  playing reasonable .. were still in the game .. when Lambert took off his best players Hoolahan and Holt 20 minutes from time .. what the hell is going on ?   You here the radio commentator Neil Adams say .. yesss we have a far more important League game on saturday v Forest .. and you don''t want injuries .. come on man .. this was an important game too .. many Norwich supporters traveled all the way to Blackburn .. I think they are treated badly by Norwich and in this case the Manager Paul Lambert.   Many Blackburn supporters had read about their manager saying he would make a few changes .. and people don''t like that and and the attendance showed .. only 9.235 .. because both managers cheated.   And to hear people say this is good for our fringe players .. what is good (?) .. to lose 3 - 0 and being knocked out of the League Cup by taking it not seriously .. hmmm good for their confidence. Our fringe players should play every week in our Reserve side but we have pulled out of it AGAIN ... what a joke.   This was all started by the rotating system Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool introduced, and now most clubs are doing it too, but we don''t have good enough players to do this and still perform well. If we had played our starting eleven from last saturday (except Nelson) we could have beaten Blackburn, for sure. In november 2001 only 30.000 (!!!) people at Highbury watched two weakened sides in a 4 - 0 win for Arsenal v Man United. Also millions of people around the world where asking themselves, where are all the stars, this looks like a Reserves match. Normally this would have been a sell out but people already knew about what was going to happen, see this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/photo_galleries/football/1639391.stm  and see the last photo !   Not so long ago Bolton played in the UEFA Cup v Sporting Lissabon and Gary Megson, yes we know him, played a second string because he still had important League games to play. But this game v Sporting Lissabon should have been the most important game in their history, because you can''t reach anything higher in Europe, when will they ever play in Europe again and go that far ....    
  23. Next you get an e-mail in your postbox from Norwich City Football Club: Your last chance to play at Carrow Road... Several dates to hire the pitch ''for fun'' from the 31st of may to the 6th of june. And yes you can hire the pitch also on saturday the 5th of june .. from 8.30 till 11.30 and from 1pm till 4pm. So the concert was called of because the club needs the stadium to install our new seats .. on the 5th of june .. and now they ask people to pay them for using the playing field on the same day .. sounds good to ''smile'' .. maybe Tom has nothing to do !
  24. Be patient and watch next seasons school  .. The Championship .. a much higher class !
  25. 1. No Reserve side playing league matches next season, so we are going to loan out a lot of our players which is not ideal 2. Saying goodbye to Gary Doherty 3. Adam Drury as a left back in your team is like playing with 10 men and a lot of SPACE for their winger 4. Declan Rudd on loan, come on ??? He''s even good enough to play in our team next season. When called up, he was very very good last season ! 5. Coming soon ...  well sooner than I thought, Ian Crooks departure by mutual consent, did he have a choice, no Reserve side to coach .. no games .. no Ian Crook. Shame one of our best players in recent Norwich City history has gone ! But it''s all about money money money ....
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