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  1. It hasn''t reduced the size of the compensation you''ll have to pay, it just hasn''t increased it.  We still get compensation for the loss of Lambert et al and are still pursuing damages as well - which I''m sure if it goes to tribunal we''ll get as well.  As I understand it RC is also looking for a points penalty for illegal tapping up - whether or not that happens I doubt.  Question is, can you afford the compensation on top of that you still need to pay Gunn etc (do you still owe compensation to the previous manager to Gunn or was that a vicious rumour I''ve heard?)
  2. compare that to the average pro footballer and you''ll see what I mean lol
  3. wrong again.  Torquay were approached to see if we could interview him as part of the final six.  Torquay said no (we left it at that - wouldn''t want to break league rules ;-) ) .  The club were trialling various options from higher profile managers such as Boothroyd and from successful lower league managers like Buckle.  There is probably also a concern about loyalty after Lambert and as an ex-player Buckle may have been the safer bet.  The club were covering the bases at interview stage, bear in mind that the club announced it would make a decision on Tuesday and announce today - publicised early last week and the Buckle story broke over the weekend, so all the interviews hadn''t been conducted let alone Buckle being offered the job.
  4. we''ll see about the style of football...yes he played hoofball at Watford but he was interviewed by the times a while back (someone dug it out on the col u messageboard) and he was asked why he wasn’t in work.His answer basically said that because he had a reputation for long ball football but that he did that at Watford because that fit the strengths of his squad.  He said with a different squad he’d use different tactics if that was what was best for those players.  Bit like Lambert – he came with a reputation for long ball and last year did that, but then went out and bought better players and changed the style.  With Clive Platt in the team there will always be an element of long ball, but if we can mix it up all the better!There are very few teams that don''t use the long ball occasionally, in fact the only one I can think of is Arsenal.  Especially at this level, every now and then defenders panic and hit it long.
  5. not any more, Lambert put the only Lockwood we have in there, but he has now been put back into the first team squad.On another note, I think Lambert leaving has done wonders for our club.  Don'' get me wrong, I was gutted when he left because I felt he was doing a good job and a much improved squad.  But we still have that much improved squad and I believe Aidy B is a better manager.  There was a bit of in-fighting amongst the fans but that has all ceased and all anger is aimed squarely at Lambert and his cronies.  The atmosphere was a bit poor at the new ground (struggling to get used to it not being Layer Road), but the game against Gillingham the South Stand was packed to vent their anger at Lambert and its been good ever since.  Finally, players like Lockwood, White and Heath now want to prove Lambert wrong and other first teamers have come out and said that as well.  Lockwood got his chance last night and was the best player on the pitch.
  6. their brothers!No, i spotted the typo but couldn''t be bothered to correct it, i assumed people would get the point
  7. quite mistaken I''m afraid.  He was unhappy at not being allowed to train with the first team.  Tierney was player of the season last year and I think Lockwood realises he is a back up.  But not being allowed the chance to force his way in upset him.  We have two natural left backs - Tierney and Lockwood.  Tierney has a bit of a temper, so good easily get suspended and/or injured.  It wasn''t right that Lockwood wasn''t training with the first team.  As I said, Lambert even managed to upset Reid who was our best defender and ever present under Lambert until he got injured.
  8. Lockwood is actually much more intelligent than the average footballer and a very decent back up for our first choice left back of Lockwood.  Boothroyd wont be bothered by this "outburst" because it is well known that a lot of the squad including our best defender from last year (currently injured) had personal problems with Lambert.Lambert certainly upsets some players, but I''m not sure that''s all together a bad thing (an opinion not shared by most Col U fans).  There were 6 players (known as the Outcasts) that Lambert wouldn''t let train with the main team and were forced to train either on their own or with the youth team.  Of these players, there were some that had been given chances to succeed at our club and shown poor attitude, some fans favourites and some in the middle.  He seems to have done the same with Doc, Hoolahan and Maric for you lot and I''m sure there will be mixed feelings.  But basically he is putting his stamp on the team and I think that''s fair enough.  However, I do still think all pro footballers should be allowed to train with the first team and given the chance to earn their place in a team.  He did treat some of the players pretty unprofessionally.It''s a fine balance between making your mark and acting unprofessionally and with a few players he did cross the line.
  9. Afraid you''ll have no chance with those two.  Fox only signed in the summer and unless you offered outrageous money (which apparently you don''t have and would be laughed at by the whole world) RC just wont deal with you.
  10. Just read one of your fans saying you were £20 million in debt! My word!  A rumour at the club at the moment is part of Lambert''s decsion to leave was that he wasn''t given enough backing in the transfer market.  With the amount of compensation you will have to pay to Gunn and us, I think it''s going to be loanees for you.  Again, he did ok in that regard.  A few decent loanees but some tosh (like Sam Williams from his old pal O''Neill - now playing for Yeovil).  I think the one thing that McNally that is spot on is that Lambert is a born winner.  He strives very hard for success and is a very bad loser - which are good traits - but it does make him impatient.  It''s another reason why I feel he is the wrong man for the job, because I think what you need is a proven manager with the respect of the fans that will allow him time to correct the mistakes of the recent past.  He has resigned after a year at all of his previous jobs - I think if he thinks it doesn''t look like its going well, he''ll just walk.
  11. Captain of Celtic to put it bluntly means jack.  As does his Champions League medal.  We all know good players don''t neccessarily make good managers.  Paul Ince was captain of Man U, what did/has that achieved in his managerial career?If the rolling contract is really because you are scared of having to pay him off, what kind of vote of confidence is that.  I wondered if perhaps this is a McNally appointment and the rest of the board are not so sure?
  12. of course there is some bitterness, wouldn''t you?  But it is also my opinion that it is too big for him.And, you won''t be back for some of our players - at least not for a year - because just like we did with Hull and Parkinson - an embargo will be agreed.  In terms of tapping up etc here, you are very much on the back foot when it comes to compensation - again just like Hull.  Also, which players would you want?  Because the chance of Robbie releasing any of our new players (who Lambert signed on minimum 3 years contracts) is extremely remote because we don''t need the cash and his statement shows the level of distain he feels towards PL and McNally.
  13. Hi AllFirstly, I''m not here to whinge and moan about what has happened ober the last 48 hours.  My best man is a Norwich fan and as such I have a slight interest in the goings on at Norwich.  Obviously the 1st game of the season and the last 48 hours as heigtened that interest.  All I will say about the last 48 hours is that I don''t think Norwich have handled themselves very well at all.  My mate says this is the new "ruthless" Norwich City, I said more like "ruthless and stupid" but only time will tell.Anyway, up until 48 hours ago, I was a Lambert fan and thought I''d post my honest observations about him and his signature for Norwich.  I believe the Norwich job is too big for him and it will be a failure and I''m afraid it does sound a bit like an old boys club with him and McNally.  His managerial experience is minimal.  Firstly, Livingston - no great shakes - then a season at Wycombe where he failed to make the playoffs and the following season they got promoted.  Then onto us...His appointment was greeted with a mixed reception, and although you have said to other Colchester fans they all liked him until 48 hours that is certainly not the case.  I did, but many others didn''t.  I would say his best asset is that he is a very good judge of a player.  The outcasts that he shipped out were in my opinion not good enough for Col U and the players he brought in have been excellent.  The football we played last season was absolutely dire and wothout doubt the worst i have ever seen in all my years of following Col U.  That said, this season it improved, and I just get the feeling that he thought last year the squad was only able to play rubbish football.  He is very thoughtful and thinjs about all aspects of the game - he had our pitched narrowed (not sure why when he brought in two quick wingers - but he obviously had a reason), reduced the size of the away dressing room and made it darker.  His negatives are that he certianly doesn''t win friends across all levels of the club and he has shown absolutely no loyalty bot with us, and with Wycombe previously.  He is in it for himself and no-one else, although I suppose that drives him to success. As you can see there are more positives (in my mind) than negatives regarding Lambert, but what I struggle to understand is his appointment in the context of McNally''s criteria as I don''t see where he has been proven successful as a manager.  When he was replaced at Wycombe they went onto better things.  At Col U, he turned results around away from home, but a comment on here that during some home games we never even had a shot is unfortunately not an exaggeration but he out and out truth.  In fact his biggest achievement to date was the 7 (seven) -1 drubbing of you lot.  At Col U most were hoping to finish in the playoffs (not expecting but hoping) - things have certainly started well and that is why I was so angry to lose Lambert.  But you guys if you were honest with yourselves EXPECT promotion from this league.  I don''t think Lambert will deliver that because your squad just doesn''t look good enough and I can''t see McNally being able to keep Lambert in the job if that doesn''t happen.One final note, why an earth has Lambert not signed a permanent contract but is instead on a rolling contract?  That bemuses me more than anything.I can honestly say that after the shock of him leaving I think it will be looked on as a good thing.  The fans have united in their dislike for the last 48 hours and Robbie Cowling is certainly very annoyed and will splash the cash on his new manager and with a transfer book to try and prove Lambert wrong in jumping ship.  Much like Phil Parkinson, I think Lambert has moved to a big club too soon.Que the abuse...
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