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  1. Norwich City FC would never be so underhand, surely?
  2. [quote user="Stevo"]I''m sitting in the home end too although in my case it was always my plan to do so. I have a good mate who supports Col U and we agreed in the summer that we''d watch the league games together. He sat with me in the upper Barclay on the opening day of the season and considering what we witnessed, he behaved himself impeccably. I intend to do the same whatever the result on Saturday. I watched the premiership years show on Sky the other night and they showed the goals from when Man Utd came to Carrow Road in 93/94. Cantona scores their second in front of the Barclay (from a mishit Newman pass) and loads of people in the ''home'' end celebrate. I was at that game and remember how it felt to watch your team concede and have a bunch of smug idiots around you jumping up to celebrate. What struck me at the time was the arrogance of the Utd fans (most with Norfolk accents) who felt they could sit in the home end and basically rub it in our faces. I hope for our sake that the City fans who are watching the game in the home areas show a bit more respect. We do have good crowds and we are doing well in the league this season but it doesn''t give us the right to act like arrogant pr*cks. [/quote] Breath. Of. Fresh. Air.
  3. [quote user="Pablo Picarsole"]Maybe if there is major crowd trouble at this tiny pigsty of a ground, it will be forced to close for a while due to a failure to maintain adequate segregation and crowd control. Now, wouldn''t that be a shame! Especially if they went out of business after suffering a massive shortfall in revenue.[/quote] Nice
  4. [quote user="Dibs"]I was thinking that it would be great to sign or unsettle a few Colchester players in January. D.Gleeson (R-Back) or better still Brian Saah (C-Def) which would hopefully ruin their defence and chances of keeping up with us.[/quote]   Oh dear........ you are welcome to them too!!!!!
  5. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Seven Up"]No it''s not. It''s the fault of all those disregarding the Ground Regulations and purchasing tickets in the home areas.[/quote] Regardless of what you may think or feel, each ground at some point has away supporters sitting among home supporters, it''s a fact. [/quote] I know that, but in this instance buying blocks of 10 & 20 seats together in home areas and gobbing off about it isn''t the cleverest thing in the world to do is it?
  6. No it''s not. It''s the fault of all those disregarding the Ground Regulations and purchasing tickets in the home areas.
  7. [quote user="IncH_HigH"]We managed to get 10 tickets in the west stand block w8 over 3 weeks ago now. I think my IP postcode helped.[;)]We knew we wouldn''t get 10 from our allocation so decided to get in early.[
  8. [quote user="morty"]I wonder if anyone from Col U is reading our comments and thinking "Oh s**t"?[/quote] Not really, no. It''s quite amusing actually. Once again you seem to think you are above and beyond the rules and regulations. It will be interesting to see how many of you who have bought tickets in home areas are refused entry or ejected.......
  9. I can''t answer for the club PurpleCanary, but perhaps it''s that the compensation is the priority and that a points penalty isn''t anything that the club want, after all how much would we actually benefit from it ...... Anyway - it''s been emotional and some of us nearly even had a discussion at one point didn''t we...... perish the thought! Up the U''s & looking forward to beating you in January.
  10. Hmmmmm.......... how erudite you are Nexus_Canary. I''m so glad you enlightened me with your persuasive reasoning and I''m just sorry I can''t be there to personally congratulate you on your powerful arguments. I know when I am beaten and have no answer to your superior intellect. Farewell and thanks for all the fish! By the way I thought I saw your name as I walked down the bread aisle in Tescos last week, but when I looked again, I realised that it actually said "Thick Cut"
  11. You call it reading between the lines - I call it sophistry, you are twisting the words to suit your own point of view on the subject. A club with more class would not resort to banging on about being a bigger club and I''m not expecting you to apologise for it either.
  12. None of us know definitively if there was any prior approach to Lambert, however, the whole thing stinks of it, surely even the most diehard NCFC fan can see that. McNally and Lambert have known each other for some time, NCFC approach CUFC to appoint him, not to request permission to talk to him but to appoint him (funnily enough, only a week after he was actually at your ground) and after we gave conditional permission for him to talk to you he decided that he''d resign, we can assume safe in the knowledge that he had a job to go to (also applies to Culverhouse and Karsa). All will come out in the wash though.
  13. Say Hello to the Angels...... for starters, I said IF your club have acted wrongly. Secondly, you are displaying your "big club" arrogance quite nicely - thank you for proving me right. As for the points deduction thing, see my post above or alternatively try reading things properly before you post.
  14. You have to admit - it shows more flair than "grats your scum" though doesn''t it!? You are missing the point here Mr Grant, you have the permission thing at the front of your mind and are hanging onto it like a dog with a bone. Yes, we gave him permission to talk to you but on the condition that no deal could be made for his services until the clubs had agreed compensation. This is where it all falls down. Knowing that a compensation agreement would not be settled in a short space of time, Lambert resigned (whether off his own back or at the suggestion of NCFC I doubt we shall ever know). Those two points will be the cases that are presented at the tribunal I would think. Your quote is wrong by the way - if you read our offical statement it actually says "The FDC has power to award Colchester compensation and deduct points from Norwich, a remedy which we are advised might be particulary relevant in this case" Doesn''t say anything about "we think a points deduction is appropriate" at all, merely points out the options the FDC have and that we have been advised that a points deduction could be relevant in this instance.
  15. Ah, the usual messageboard replies start to surface now........ the one''s with no constructive points to make and a shocking disregard for the English language. Must mean school''s finished for the day........ anyway, back to the discussion. As one of the more realistic members of your forum pointed out, the problem stems from compensation not being agreed before Lambert became your manager. This is why there has been 6 months worth of haggling between the clubs and why, as there has been no resolution, the tribunal has been invoked. They will decide the rights or wrongs of everyones actions and decide how much compensation is due and also if any further action against NCFC should be handed out. The sad thing is that if your club have acted wrongly, then most of you seem to completely condone the fact, which to followers of the U''s just seems like arrogance........
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