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  1. Article on official site, Also says Lambert confirms that is the lot !
  2. Just seen that Neil Adams has left the Beeb commentary team to work full tine for City as a coach with the U16 and to help out with the Under18s. Saturday''s on the radio will not be the same !
  3. I am sure he will be a good squad addition PROVIDED the leg is sound . I suffered a Double fracture dislocation of my Right leg/ankle years ago and it took a year + before I could walk properly. I know things have moved on medically in the last 20 years but He only broke the leg in MARCH !!  I do wonder what his fitness will be like at the start of the season even if the leg is healed or healing well .
  4. Do you know what? I think this thread sums up perfectly how City fans are feeling about the last 2 years . The Hurt and embarrassment we felt when our beloved club reached a new (and painful ) low. The abuse from the followers of the ( Bigger ?)  club down the A140 and the idea of trips to clubs we had hardly heard of. the 1.7 against Colchester and then poaching their Manager, which 9 I thought) seemed a desperate move ( How wrong was I ?) And then ( OMG !) we stormed the league in 9 months and then this season we beat the sc*m 9.2 on aggregate and flew upwards to the promised land . Ah I think the Suffolk grapes well be sour for a long while !!   O.T.B.C. 
  5. I am joint manager of a team playing at Carrow road today!  I work for Smurfits and they have hired the ground for a charity match to raise funds for E.A C.H. I can''t wait!!
  6. Sorry ,  try this one     http://www.football-league.co.uk/latestnews/20100129/stat-attack-most-fouls-conceded_2245681_1948411
  7. Did you know that Grant Holt has conceeded more free kicks than anyone else in the league? 63 , next is Deon Burton with 48 !!http://www.football-league.co.uk/latestnews/20100129/stat-attack-most-fouls-concededcopy and paste the link
  8. I think there will be a lot more matches called off this winter , We have been spoilt by nice mild winters for several years and This winter is shaping up to be a bit "old school" I am sure there are plenty of us who are old enough to remember the "Good old days"?  It will not matter if clubs have undersoil heating if the surrounding area is unsafe. People , -please accept that If Lambert aked the Ref. to have another look at the pitch then he was within his rights to to do it and he just might have saved one of our players from getting injured!! We need ALL of out players to stay fit if we are to get promoted . THAT is what Lambert realised and we should have the brains to see it as well!! 
  9. If You look at that league table you can see that there are 13 Clubs no longer in the Prem . Some are in the Champoinship and 5 are lower !  Is Delia to blame for that as well???  Norwich , QPR and Sheffield Wednesday were in the top 7 and all three failed to push on from there I grant you , BUT , 13 out of 22 clubs failed to become established in the premiership following on from that season. That shows how difficult it is!!
  10. Well done Lowestoft. What a great result, Best of luck at wrexham!!
  11. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="nutty nigel"] Well this is what Alan Bowkett said today :- "I agree Paul Lambert has had an encouraging start to the current season and as I said in a previous response all our efforts are committed to providing funds for Paul to ensure we achieve promotion this year. We have no plans to sell any players in January. However, if Paul and his staff do decide to move any players on, any funds generated will be reinvested in the Club." So if these players are leaving to service the debt then we will have replaced Roger Munby''s smooth and friendly spin with an outright liar?   [/quote]   Come on Nutty, the lunatic fringe are fast running out of windmills to tilt at....... [/quote] Sorry[:$] However the rumour about Swansea appears to have some reliability. So if there is anything in it, then given what Bowkett said today, it would mean Lamberts choice alone and for footballing reasons. Interesting.   [/quote] Uh, why has the rumour about Swansea got relability? Has anything official been said?
  12. I was just wondering, Who at the club has told the posters on here that Paul Lambert has decided to move on a couple of players? Or did Lambert tell that person himself?  Or, just maybe no one knows anything ??
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