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  1. Interesting. Has Lambert taken a club to the premiership? Does he have any managerial achievements that come close?
  2. If Boothroyd went to Colchester, presumably he would have come here. So why didn''t we just get Boothroyd?
  3. Got mine today, 24 A*s, and I didn''t even spell my name right on some of the papers.
  4. Does anyone know of any stylists in the city that could pull it off?
  5. Absolutely, lots of people are. The same ones who were excited about Grant, Roeder and Gunn. The "optimism-denial-discontent" cycle has started again, next stop relegation worries!
  6. [quote user="chichcanary"]I agree - good appointment. Young, enthusiastic, nearly took Wycombe to the Laegue Cup Final from Division 4 [/quote] So what? I once turned £20 into £500 betting on horses I knew absolutely nothing about. It''s called "luck".
  7. What would be wrong with Jimmy? He had an illustrious playing career, with some of the world''s top clubs, is charismatic and a born leader. Then there''s our "#1 target", playing in Scotland and with a 15.63 win percentage at the first club he managed. I know who I''d rather have!
  8. If we''d lost 7-1 to Yeovil, their manager would now be ours and we''d be saying "yah boo sucks, we''re a really big club and we have your manager now"
  9. Once we''ve given him the customary chance, will we still be playing league football?
  10. Yeah, just like we gave Grant, Roeder and Gunn a chance... What a great idea!
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