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  1. Worst sponsors name had to be PUNCH...it was like a red rag to a bull seeing that on the blue & shite shirt!!
  2. yeah fair point, I didnt realise. Hardly rewarding your loyalty to the club is it?
  3. I think we are now benefiting from this policy from years back, we have gone from crowds of 16 or 17,000 to full houses each home game, so dont anyone knock it....how many of you went as a kid for a quid with your Mum or Dad? I am taking my 9yr old daughter to the Orient game for a quid so hopefully she will continue to get the bug & be a season ticket holder in the future.
  4. Could do with buying yourself some supporters who might turn up every week
  5. Your choice....not interested in cup games but I bet if we got to the Semi or even the final (I know its not goin to happen) then u would be one of them queueing for tickets
  6. Not happy unless we r moaning....can`t believe I even bothered writing a reply to this whingebag
  7. I agree 100%, I made a similar comment yesterday & got the idiots (probably no older than 13) slating me....very short memories
  8. Hey up I smell another Essex girl, whining & crying into her crotchless knickers!
  9. Look at your attendances for last season "dude" 5560 v Norwich at Cockoo Farm 25215 at Carrow Road Says it all.....bye, bye
  10. Not another one!! Cant be many of them left who haven`t been on here Don`t you just love the school holidays
  11. Come back in May little boy & we will see who is shouting the loudest then ok little darling? Now run off home your mummy is calling you......bless him
  12. Lambert, Culverhouse....next will be Platt, Fox etc.......get used to it Wayne, Tracey wotever your name is
  13. U can tell its the school holidays cant u?
  14. [quote user="Yellow Rages"]Did Pattison actually leave in the end? I knew he was trawling South Africa but I didn''t hear anymore.[/quote] Shows just how much we missed him then!
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