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  1. Hi all NCFC fans!! Everyone has someone that knows someone who knows someone who knows the husband of the cleaner at Carrow road. So I’m not going to say how I know this but give it till Thursday. If I’m wrong then fine never believe me again, (but I’m not ;-)) Steve Coppell WILL be the next manager of NCFC and will be announced before Friday 21st. He has already looked around the ground and Colney, met the directors and is very excited about the chance of working at Carrow road. It is Likely to be announced tomorrow but negotiations are ongoing. He may also wish to watch the game on Tuesday before taking charge. Monday is likely though. Like I say if I’m wrong in future don’t believe a word. If I’m right you may actually have a guy here who can offer the odd bit of information before others. Have a great evening and I hope this news excites all NCFC fans and we can now go on and achieve the only objective which is promotion!  
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