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  1. ILF- At the chance of making you look like a complete idiot may i remind u what you have just said- Daley is rubbish.. Last season he played against reading and gave it away. Now may i remid you, tht not only was it a year ago, which means he was a year younger, but it was one of his first games in front of idiots like you! Also can you think about things before you say them, let me remind you of a certain player we had on loan here just one year ago.. at the time was nothing amazing, and didnt set the world alight, however this young lad is now playing in a top 4 premier league team on a fairly regular bassis. so shhhh you noise!
  2. Has handed in a transfere request at col U.. says he has''nt settled in south West.. Could he be following Lambert?   Skysports.com
  3. Not a bad idea that Jimbo, teach them some discipline
  4. I no i will get shot down for this but They have a place in the womens game.. Lets leave it with that.   I dont want to see a women presenting, refering mens football   Discuss
  5. He went to stay with his mum up''t north for a while as she wasnt well but i believe he is still living in Bridgham, (just outside east harling) so staying local
  6. Just re-watching the football highlights programme - now available on iplayer, 29 minutes and 30 seconds in. Watch the players reactions in comparison to last week. All the players celebrate when we score and they all look gutted when we concede. Though none more than Simon Lappin. He acts like a captain. Watch his reaction for the first goal. He makes a point telling the defence what is what when we conceded the first time. And celebrated the hardest whenever we scored. No one would be able to blame him for wanting out in the summer. I was lucky enough to speak to him before he resigned and asked him if he wanted to stay now we had been relegated and he hadn’t really got a game. He was adamant at the time he wanted to stay and ''get the club out of this dreadful mess''
  7. wot?? are the club actually giving awaytickets or something? Or am i missing a joke?
  8. this could be the start of something special?? lmao Im just hoping now ur a 6ft blonde?? haha
  9. Title says it all... Your an idiot.   Listening to people on Canary Call.... Just making me angry!! There is an old saying; you win games on the training pitch! Gunn had no tactical awareness, or training techniques. Neither does Butterworth apparently Rant over- but please stop saying that sacking Gunn was a bad move
  10. Gary Karsa Will come here to work with the youth i would imagine- Gary Karsa is widley though to be responsible for developing Wycombes youth development system to the best in the league. http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Karsa_Gary_1135205882.aspx http://www.wycombewanderers.co.uk/page/LatestNews/0,,10430~1421536,00.html  
  11. but he resigned.??? If i quit from a job, and termiante my own contract, why would my new employer have to pay compensation.... I would have thought had we needed to pay compensation, surely this would have been agreed before hand?
  12. It says on the pinkun site that norwich will discuss compensation with COLU tommorow. It says on the Col U webside that paul resigned as he was desperate to take up the position at NCFC... Why would we have to pay any compensation?
  13. wow CA whos your insider to let you know this ?? lol
  14. agreed... Bit deflated really.. I truely believed we had coppell!! Sorry to have started a new thread, Didnt see al the ones below when i wrote this one! Feel free to start deleting pete ;-) 
  15. Havent used the mesage boards for some time and there seems to be alot of new people. Where are people like; lappin it up, wiz and his hexes Shack Attack cluck LFH etc etc etc
  16. not yet Noriwch. Though i have a horrible feeling im going to be proven wrong! :-(
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