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  1. I have to say i completly disagree with you! I think if you added all the time slots up we have had and compared it to everyone else i would say Norwich have been one of the most talked about so far! I love the fact that our logo is probably in the best place aswell and always visible! Great alrounder and a million times better than ITV show though that guy that sits next to the presenter (both the names ilude me right now) is a bit of a d1ck at times!
  2. Any one else here thought leeds had the highest average attendance? Think again, NCFC have the highed average league attendance in the leaue, we are also above most of the championship clubs and 8 premiere league clubs!! The fans make this club what it is! The envy of every other club!
  3. All this said, Calum is going to be the one that is made to look like the guy that now beats up pregnant women. When in reality im sure we have all been in a situation where we care about someone so much and lose controll and that can be turned to be made to look like something its not. Im sure (as the saying goes) he was trying to beat some sence into her, and if shes saying he punched her i wonder if that was actually a punch or a slap or a push. The sister is not a ice person, and the BF is worse from the sounds of it
  4. Is all about proving to the league that we are the best ones in it! After out tv performance EVERY team will be scared of us and out to beat us! WE WILL FINISH IN AN AUTOMATIC PLACE!!  cmon u yelooooowwwwsssssss!!!
  5. i was clearly taking the p1ss Well put them under a song thread.. Normally i wouldnt care its just with everone making all the leeds threads and mutiple stupid sh1ty threads it gets irritating..   sorry
  6. keep them as squad players incase everyone else is injured.. And i dont think OTJ was to bad was he. swap gill for seabourn though.
  7. cause you could just do mutiple threads inside a thread and its a bit less annoying
  8.  a nurse wouldnt be able to sort him out!! youd need a hundred! Wiz why dont you do some sort of counter hex reversal spell to make sure we win 3-0???
  9. another 3 seconds of my life i cant get back reading that. And another 45 seconds for replying
  10. omg does another idiot really feel the need to start yet ANOTHER thread about leeds!! Put it in an existing thread!!!!!
  11. can i be the first to state that this is NOT interesting or worthy of a thread. and i know im replying to it but im only replying to note its uniterest to me and cause im bord!
  12. im going for Next monday! -monday 12th october
  13. minimum time is about 4-5 weeks... maximum could be anything up to three months. Depending on tear and amount of damage.. He will need to get it looked at and then they we will know and we will know... waiting game. He managed to walk/ limp of (with alot of help) but didnt use a stretcher so hopefully it will only be a month. Fingers crossed!!!!
  14. in my honest oppinion he really isnt good enough yet. . . just an oppinion and i have seen him play a few times against lesser teams
  15. done his hamstring- out for upto 6 weeks spoke to lambert after the game
  16. How nice it is to see a team of norwich players! Not one loan starting today and lots of norwich supporters playing- i.e, spillane, Smith, Rudd with the likes of Drury and Doc doing well and other norwich players, adeyemi, cureton and russel all on form will we start get our rep back for being a fantastic club for producing players again, the likes of bellamy, sutton and ashton have to start come through from somewhere and i really believe smith will be a top premiership player within the next 3-5 years
  17. As title sudgest''s!!!!   Ipswich are bottom!! We love you roy keene!!
  18. cup games possibly? Transferes? I dont know but im sure the FL would find something lol
  19. Obviously someone got an A in their history exam! Doesn’t change the fact you’re an idiot! Dont have ago about Luke!! And if you ever imply I’m an idiot again, I will find you  
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