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  1. Apparantly i may not advertise in this section that i have a ticket for the leeds game available (hence the removal of ''your luck may be in'')... please pm me on that issue if interested. This post is purely football related.. I think Norwich will beat leeds... It will be a tough game but i think we will scrape through 2-1! If we do win this game i think we will then be guaranteed promotion.. (title winners!!) Like i said that post was purely football related and i didnt even really mention about the fact i have a spare leeds ticket available (pm me)
  2. I not love mike dean! One pen and henderson red! haha
  3. DAMM !! no edit button!!!  Title should have said - super exeter!!
  4. Title says it all!!! WE WILL WIN THE LEAGUE!!
  5. hey CC. My email address is above and if your ever about let me know
  6. Paradox, i have no idea where the 2nd .com came from, but its ben98155@aol.comAnd thanks very much & happy new year
  7. hey paradox. thankyou. Ben98155@aol.com.comthanks
  8. Ive just moved to Toronto in Canada and wondering if there are any canary fans living near by that might fancie getting a beer sometime and telling me about the area.Thanks
  9. Anyway i can listen to the game while im in America???Thanks for your help
  10. Hey All,I have a season ticket for sale for the rest of the season as im going away. Snakepit seat without an impaired view. If interested please email me at  madabout_25@hotmail.comThanks all
  11. With all the recent speculation and rumours about the meteorite heading for carrow road, what would your thoughts be on the following? - Delias role in the disaster -New ground location -The fact sumdger, lisbe and roeder were in the ground at the time (sorry i couldn’t resist making another thread)  
  12. Forster. It had been a long night. Appologies for the other errors, i have dyslexia and should probably spell check.. my bad
  13. OH lappinitup... were you so misserable in younger years.... starts= stars.. sorry!
  14. My point is this, All we ever get now is good news, Norwich win this game, Norwich win that game, Norwich should have lost but managaed to get a draw! How are people like smudger supose to opperate under this? The latest outburst from Lambert of ''I will keep to fight the starts'' is beyond believe, I mean as a Norwich fan i would expect to hear ''Every player has a price'' Or i would expect MC to say something along the lines of ''Us smaller clubs have to sell'' But NO, all we are getting is Good news, The extention of campbels contract for example.. How much more can we take!! Sort it out DELIA!! ;)  
  15. i think that was fairly obvious! Him and the ref even had a laugh and joke about it! Kicked the ball away then stopped the keeper from kicking the ball.. Not what Holts normaly like is it
  16. Hey guys.. (and girl) ;-) Its 4am and not alot else to do apart from start a whole new post. (Appologies to the forum police before they have a go for starting a new post) I have mentioned this in an existing thread but would love to get everyone elses thoughts. or just see if im taking everything over the top..... ITV covered Delia at 1/2 time.. She said ''We are winning football games now which is lovely'' I was really upset by this comment, cause it really made it sound like... the catering and hotel are doing great .. oh and we are occasionaly playing footie on that green thing that we are tryng to get changed to a parking lot but we are winning a few games  on it now which is nice. I really think Delia sees us as a hobbie.. I have no doubt that she wants us to sucseed but at the same time sees it as her bussiness empire and the football is a bit of an inconvience. I may be way of the mark and completly over the top but when describing how the team is doing you dont say winning games is lovely! It is what is expected! And should be demaded from the owners of our club! Delia needs to sell... as great as she has been to the club she has no idea what to do next. Hopefully McNally will drum this in to her along with the new board memebers!! (sorry about spelling and grammer but its late and i cant be arsed to do spell check!!)
  17. we are now winning games of football and that is lovely...  No Delia! Its is what is expected!
  18. cheers jen jen, For some reason i thought it was announced on soccer AM
  19. Does nybody know if he won it??   Also great job him winning it if he did cause i dont spoce the hex it normally causes will bother us agaings paulton! :-)
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