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  1. Mark, i think Watford have been doing fantastic and ill like to see them to continue to do well. (Not at the expense of Norwich though)

    Its really exciting though considering (in King Lamberts words) when you consider this time last year we were scrapping about in the bottom of league one!

    I just hope we can keep it up! We have a few big games over the coming months, but im sure King Lambert and the team will deal with it and hopefully come January (after the christmas games) we will still be ''there or there abouts''

  2. We are in the top 4 and its all your fault! You and those bluddy players you have bought in.

    Put your hands up to the fact that without you we could probably be bottom/middle table!

    But beware, if we lose another game this season, the doom and gloomers will be back out, because every time we lose we are almost guaranteed administration and relegation! probably just best for everyone if you win every game this season so we dont all have to listen to there crap

  3. so i was thinking about this earlier today. If by some miracle (possibility with Lambert in charge) we are still 4th (or in the top 6) come January what position would you like to see us spend Big on. Im guessing funds would be made available for a push so lets say the board come up with 1.5M quid.

    Would you A get 4 or 5 in as just in case someone got injured

    B- Get one fantastic player in (I.e Hucks)

    Or C get a couple of good players in to help with back up?

    I think id have to go for B. One fantastic player. Maybe a striker or maybe even a defender. The thing is, our boys seem to be doing so well right now. You wouldn''t want to replace any of them.

    Interested in your thoughts...


  4. What i recommend mate is you do the same as me and download a vpn blocker- in laymen terms, what this does is hide your ip address and make it look like your computer is operating from in England some where. I pay about $50 a year for mine and it means i can watch match of the day live, all BBCI programmes, 40d, 50d, sky highlights etc etc just as if i was in England. Hope that helps

  5. The thing that frustrated me was they done a similar story yesterday but omitted the Norwich facts and numbers. Then today they then managed to produce a whole different story using the Norwich ones. Jornos should have put this on the local rag before telling us what Leeds and southampton and everyone else spent? Surely this would be more relevant to NCFC fans then?

  6. look like you wrote todays story for Archant Bethnal Yellow and Green! Why am i not surprised. They get 8/10 stories from the pinkun message board and the other 2 are made up and or inaccurate!

    Archant: Get some decent Jornos, that don''t just sit around all day getting there stories and facts and figures from a message board.
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