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  1. An absolute gentleman. I met him at the 59ers dinners and he had time for everyone. RIP Terry.
  2. Your turning down radiohead for Hartlepool. Mate that is mental! Hartlepool then......it wont be as depressing as Radiohead
  3. [quote user="First Wizard"] He''s always trying to show off while a simple pass would have been better...........get gone. [/quote] Oh and theres me thinking you didnt like Carl Robinson and Fozzy.......
  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Well done... did you realise 1. EDP and Evening news are run by the same compant. 2. why would someon on the board want to have in his papers, something about a protest against him (even though its mainly Delia and MWJ, its still going to be something he has to suffer)[/quote]The communication clearly states that the protest is against the Stowmarket 2.
  5. EDP....ContactedEvening News....ContactedHeart FM....ContactedFuture FM....ContactedRadio Norwich...ContactedLook East....ContactedAnglia News....Contacted
  6. [quote user="colneycanary"]This has to be the most stupid protest i have ever heard of. By next saturday we will have a new manager. It will be his first game in charge and some idiots think it''s a good idea to stage a protest. I am no Delia fan but since we have a new board in place i''m willing to give them a bit of time to change things around and get things right. You would think the majority of fans would be happy now they have sacked Gunn. Your protest will never take shape and the 20 or so who do show up, will look bloody stupid! Why the hell don''t you at least wait and see who they appoint as manager first?[/quote]The protest is not aimed at the new members but the 2 that are ruining the club.You say a new manager yadayada.....we move on then in 18 months we have the same problem again. We have already experienced this cycle quite alot over the past 3 years. Dont people learn?I dont think i''ll look stupid me old mucker.....im standing up for something i believe in. Something i am quite passionate about. I would rather do something than nothing!
  7. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I won''t. Drive from London and I don''t have the time or desire to do a Pinkun protest. It will need a whole lot more than the 100 people here on this website. It needs to be done properly with all forms of publications contacted first, all supporter groups and if need be articles ''adverts'' in the local press. But then I do see the flipside, we need people to get the ball started and the snowball effect may happen. [/quote]Does anyone have contacts to the other supporter groups? I see its already on WOTB and carrow Road......I will write the press an email informing them.
  8. The aim would be to let the board know of our dissatisfaction at how they run the club.NCISA......Would you be prepared to spread the word and support this protest?
  9. Shall we officially say 1400hrs outside the Archant Towers. Starting there will hopefully give us some good publicity. We can then walk down to the ground, disprese at 1450 and meet again after if necessary.Come on people. OUR CLUB NEEDS US!
  10. I think he is a prat. But a funny one.I cant find his interview from when he first took over......anyone know where i can find it?
  11. Dead right Tim. He wasn''t brought here to be a great speaker. he is here to achieve results. So far he is doing well.
  12. [quote user="Wings of a sparrow"]You have a fair point... What has really pissed me off, and I know I''m covering old ground here, is why was Gunn allowed to bring 12 new players in if there was even a small chance that his situation would be under review so early in the season. This makes me think that we may get a Butterworth/Crook team as they would have been involved in bringing in this current crop. Also why was Butterworth allowed to give an interview and none of the players were. [/quote]I fully agree! [Y]Gunn should have been relieved of his duties after the Charlton debacle. He could have walked away with his reputation intact and his head head high(ish).But the board "felt he deserved his chance" and acted accordingly. That meant a pay off to Gunny. We could have saved money.7 managers in 11 years in unacceptable. The boards mistakes are unacceptable. Prudence with ambition is unacceptable and has led us to where we are today.Yes, we brought in 12 players this summer (we needed the numbers) but im a believer in quality over quantity. Prudence with ambition is still in force...how many freebies did we sign?I am grateful to them for helping Geoffrey Watling with the rescue package in 98 but we cant keep living off of that. Thats in the past. She enjoyed the years of being praised now she should actively seek new OWNERSHIP not INVESTMENT.Putting Gunn in charge was like her putting the waiter in charge of the restaurant, because he loved the establishment. Sentiment gets you nowhere. They are getting us nowhere.
  13. [quote user="Wings of a sparrow"]That in a nutshell is the problem - as you know she will only sell to someone who will cover the debts, repay her "loans" and will invest in the player kitty. Change is needed I''m just not sure how to achieve it, I just don''t think we need all this negativity right now. This is probably our most important season ever. After hearing McNally on Radio Norfolk he didn''t appear to be the astute, decisive, ruthless businessman we had all believed him to be or had been lead to believe....errr....ummmm....... [/quote]It is difficult. But its worth the fight!Wasn''t last year touted as the most important season? And the one before that? Now this year is and no doubt if we dont bounce back straight away nest season will be.....We are going round in circles.
  14. [quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="Wings of a sparrow"]Do you not realise that Delia can not and will not walk away from this club for the million reasons that have been discussed endlessly on these boards (and elsewhere).[/quote] So what then just let her get on with ruining the club? Lets hope the new board get this appointment spot on because if they don''t we are in the brown stuff!! [/quote]Spot on!i do not know another team in the world that would be as content with everything as we are!
  15. Yes i do understand. could Chase? CouldDoug Eliis and many others who have had to withstand protests?She is currently only looking for INVESTMENT! Lets apply enough pressure so she looks for a BUYER! there is a big difference between the 2.Lets make it as public as possible, hopefully press coverage and make her life uncomfortable.Enough is enough.Do you want this board continuing to lead our club?
  16. This has got to happen. Spread the word..........Start at Archant towers or train station at 1400?
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