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  1. Maybe they want to see who our GK coach is, we dont have anyone full time do we at the moment?
  2. i like this one, against the binners too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0z_arXZ8nM
  3. I can''t remember where i read it but... I think the club gets a set amount based on how many players have played above a certain amount of games and then the club then have the option to buy extra ones. This covers all non-playing staff as well, so if they want to give the tea lady a medal they can buy her one. I think one of our loan players from the last promotion sold theirs on ebay didn''t they?
  4. How about not forking out for a decent replacement Keeper when Gunn got crocked all those years ago in the Prem.
  5. While it obviously shouldn''t have stood, does anyone else think the reason it did was more because of Lamberts comments about the ref after the game? I''m only speculating but maybe the appeal would have gone better had he not claimed he didnt even know who the ref was? Not that I blame him, but the FA might!
  6. Anyone else see that despite all the loans last season we paid barely anything on agents fees, when the season before we blew 1/2 a mill,   We only spent £36,000, admittedly on complete dross most of the time but some of the players lita etc you would have expected to have agents asking for blank cheques, and we all assumed Clingans agent would have taken a chunk   Its all in the football leagues offical report on their website (as this is my first actual new subject post i cant do the link think properly, sorry) 
  7. I think Lambert is a bit of an unknown as yet, i''ve not made my mind up, although i''ve not yet made my mind up about McNally either.  Sure he''s shaking things up but until the dust settles we wont really know how good a job he''s done, lets not forget Roeder shook things up a lot at first as well, only he didnt know when to stop shaking!   On a side note I think we''re getting two interesting and varying sets of Col Utd fans on here, those who are happy to debate, regardless of opinion, and those who seem desperate to have a ''big'' hated local rival in the same league and want to encourage a proper rival relationship with ourselves. Not sure we''ll care in two weeks to be honest. 
  8. Will butters get the job?   If he wins 4-0 maybe,  but then a 4-0 win could lead to his sacking as well I suppose
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