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  1. What? i really cant quess! Should be a surprise!
  2. Experience beats anything. It is broke now!!
  3. I hope he does tinker. In terms of the players who are at his disposal i would utilise their experience to try and get a win. Haven''t heard about any take over but in this week where we have been the subject of media over exposure you''d never know!
  4. I''ve not posted on here for a while, changed e-mails etc ! So i''ve had to re-register. Anyway, i feel it is time to post a message at this stage in the club''s crisis. We have changed manager again. Whether you wanted Gunny or not, doesn''t matter. Can you just imagine how you would feel if you lost your manager? Many of you would be saying, yeah i''d love my manager to go, but the salient point to remember here is the players need a figure head. It might not have been Gunn but this disruption is another set back to our quest to move back into the Championship. Stability is needed. I hope the next manager is here to put in a decent shift. We now have to wait on that appointment, but in the meantime i believe the players who have been at the club with the most experience need to be utilised. We need to draw on their experience to see us through this interim period. The new players may not be the best option because they have only just arrived i.e. it does take a while to adjust to their new surroundings and team mates, so in my opinion i hope that Ian B uses those players who are used to playing weekly with each other and uses players who have played and conform to the way be play. Only my opinion. What do you think?
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