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  1. Watched the Everton game at the Maid Marion. Enjoyed having a good view of screen but prefer the Rose for the beer. Have tried the Ketts Tavern once but was too packed and struggled to get a good view of any of the screens. Will be keeping an eye on this thread to find other pubs. Pity the Thorpe Road Coach & Horses didn''t show the games, really good beer!!
  2. Is it still possible for pubs to show the match live I.e The Rose
  3. Maybe the two new signings could prove to be bargains and Holt could turn out to be their backup. Kamara looks very strong and Becchio has got goals in him.
  4. Just sat back and looked at the SPL stats. Its the number of goals conceded that have Celtic so far ahead. Celtic are 15 points clear at the top so wouldn''t you think with all the hype about how good Hooper is that he would be top goalscorer in the SPL? No he''s 5th with 13 goals. If he is valued at £10m how much would Leigh Griffiths(15), Billy McKay(17), Micheal Higdon(15) or Niall McGinn(15) be valued. Would these other strikers have scored more goals in such a dominant Celtic team, probably. Would any of these players have scored this many goals in the English Championship, probably not. With 15 goals in the Championship playing for a mid table team, I think we should give Becchio a chance. It might not be such a loss, not getting Hooper!!
  5. Does this mean that Kane is being sent back then?
  6. Pace is good. The problem we had yesterday was that no one could put that final ball through for our pacey players to get on to in the final third. At times the Newcastle defence were playing so far up the field it was crying out for that final ball for Jackson ,Snodgrass or Bennett to use their pace to get behind them. We had so much possession in midfield but the final ball was always missing.
  7. At the time Forster kicked the ball Semmy and Beckford were near enough next to each other, one strolling down the pitch looking at nothing, the other keeping an eye on play. A bad kick by Forster, yes, but Semmy should have been watching the play because if he had I''m absolutely positive he would have got to the ball first.
  8. Who in our team this year can get you excited when they get the ball at their feet? IMO Hoolihan is the only one! I know he often does too much but the coaching staff should be hammering it into him to release the ball earlier.
  9. Totally agree Disco. Muzinic was brilliant but I think at the time was just too good for our team
  10. Would definitely have him ahead of Barn Door in pecking order!!!
  11. Keeps making errors??????   How many errors has he made?No good on floor????? Has made some very good timely tackles and blocks. Got Doc out of trouble several times!
  12. Maybe he was sacked today ahead of tomorrows game because the board have decided he is not the man for the job and come tomorrow if we give Exeter a thumping it would be too late because more supporters would have been behind Gunny
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