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  1. [quote user="CT "]Yes there are down sides like being expected to beat all the other teams by people that know naff all about them or the league and the fact that losing is bad what with the weight of expectations...   BUT seeing all the new grounds, being a massive club in league 1 and winning more than you lose is surely a nice thing to experience? Its not where we want to be, far from it but it makes you realise how lucky we are to have to have the wonderful fan base, the great stadium and the history. Bouncing back straight away is a must though. I fear admin if we dont go up this season... [/quote] P5 W2 D1 L2 Getting a bit ahead of yourself CT. Hopefully that will be the case but we have only just broke even at the moment
  2. If the season ends next weekend then we have no chance. Luckily we have another 8 months left so maybe the table will change a bit in that time. Don''t you think????? ''You win nothing with kids'' was equally inspired
  3. [quote user="Road to Nowhere"] Re: Is Hartlepool the best game for Nelson to start after Colchester? [/quote] Can you slag someone else off before the next match. You may have a gift!
  4. If the Doc can put in a performance like he did with all his years of experience in top flight football then it is harsh to hammer a young lad with a couple of appearances under his belt. It would be difficult for him to come into a successful team let alone one with very low confidence levels. Give Daley time. Korey Smith looks full of promise and always wants the ball to feet. He was often ignored against Wycombe when he came looking for the ball, with the back four choosing to go long instead. The more players we get on the pitch with the confidence to actually want the ball the better. Also he only needs a couple of touches to decide what he wants to do not ten or twenty touches which is Hoolahan''s downfall. Wes is decent but doesn''t move the ball quick enough to make an impact. Cody is very raw but you can see he has a good brain on him and he will learn fast.
  5. [quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."]this is just like playing "guess who" with the kids. does he have a moustache?[/quote] Did he have a beard?
  6. [quote user="foggo7"]I''m male 44 5''8 15 stone I enjoy chinese kung fu and fishing [/quote] I''m male 44 5''8 11 stone I enjoy salad kung fu and fishing
  7. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]..............and that signing would be Ronaldo[/quote] I''m sure the fat Brazilian with the dodgy haircut would like a run out. Not sure about the other Ronaldo!
  8. [quote user="Delia, really it was nothing."]Ha ha i had forgotten about goochy. Were you there for the banter with that stupid woman? We moved up the train a bit later on unfortunatly didnt realise she was near us. Litterally the thickest thing i have ever had the unfortune to have to listen to. Delia was on the train too then?
  9. Put them in an envelope, write on the address, affix stamp and pop in the post box.
  10. Pity the train to London didn''t take six hours. At least you would have missed the match then!
  11. Don''t we have enough problems on the pitch to worry about at the moment?
  12. [quote user="Horse Manure"]Lambert will be there watching so expect a good performance from players looking to secure their futures[/quote] Or maybe not!
  13. I imagine that as we made an official approach, we will be hit for a big compo claim for Lambert. Not sure about the backroom staff as depends if we approached them or not. Either way it will come down to the club lawyers to mull over the details of their contracts.  
  14.     "Dean Hammond is talking personal terms with Colchester`s league rivals Southampton and looks set to follow Paul Lambert, who joined Norwich this morning, out of Essex" Not coming to us then
  15. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]Brentford''s Griffin Park famously has one pub at each corner of the ground: The Royal Oak, The Griffin, The Princess Royal and The New Inn, the boozer of choice for visiting fans. It’s home to the West London Celtic Supporters'' Club.[/quote] Noted
  16. Not excited but full of hope. Think he has inherited a decent set of players (despite the Colcheter result) who would pick up plenty of points even with my nan in charge. Will be a couple of months before he stamps his mark on the team though and we will see if he can ''improve the players we have on the training ground'' as McNally seems to think he can. Previous managers have failed to do this to any noticeable level.
  17. Seeing there is a pub on each corner of the ground is there any specific one favoured by away fans
  18. Lambert will be there watching so expect a good performance from players looking to secure their futures
  19. Saw Luton a few times last season and considering they were shafted by the FA, the commitment was awesome. Takes some manager to lift a team that were as good as down from day one. Played decent football too. I''d have him.
  20. Mick Harford, seemed to get the best out of Chris Martin and considering Luton''s 30 point deduction he worked miracles. And he can certainly punch!
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