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  1. Just read on the pinkun''s Twitter- "Three seats in the carrow road press room suggests two players..." Surely that''s Johnson and Whitbread then.
  2. I can''t see us being able to sign any of the players you mentioned, they will all cost upwards of what we''d probably be able to afford, especially the strikers and keepers. Freebies and cheap squad players for back up is what we should look for, consolidate our position in CCC should we return this season and go on from there in my opinion.
  3. "Lets be fair here though Banana... You are a banana." That actually made me chuckle. Anyway, pens are always a lottery, if we''d have won everyone would have been saying how well Forster did not how bad Soton''s pens were. And vice-versa. Plus it''s just the JPT...
  4. [quote user="The 12th Devine"]And of course, unlike some of the clubs above us – Stoke and Leicester for instance – we are totally constrained in getting a higher average gate by our capacity. If we had a 32,000+ stadium I''ve no doubt we''d be up in the top 15 or higher on this table. We might not fill it every time but occasional matches with gates above 30,000 would send the average soaring - and in the prem we probably would fill it every game. It really hacks me off to see the likes of Stoke above us, since when we last played them in the Championship, when we were on our knees and they were in the play off positions, the attendance was no more than about 14,000. Shocking club, crap fans, which can be said for a number of those teams in the prem at present.[/quote] I can more than vouch for that living in Stoke for uni the last 3 years or so. When they were in the CCC I saw three games in a couple of weeks (two finished 3-2 so wasn''t all bad) purely because they gave away two free tickets when buying a Stoke v Scunny ticket I believe. Ground was half empty week on week, and very, very quiet too. Not a fan of the club at all. Think I read somewhere their attendances went up 166% or something in the Prem.
  5. Much rather go up in 2nd, no question about about it. Going up in the play-offs puts you a month or so behind the other clubs meaning you can''t sign a player promising Championship football, in this case, only to be knocked out in the play-offs.
  6. Talking of blogs, I''ve just started a new one. Latest is a satirical swipe at our good friend Roy Keane. [link]http://thefuturesbleak.wordpress.com[/link] please read, hopefully you''ll enjoy and agree. In terms of their importance- Twitter is the quickest way of finding news instantaneously, literally from people who are there. Blogs on the otherhand offer writers an outlet without the shackles and constraints of an editor and such. i.e total and utter freedom.
  7. [quote user="Lambo"]Russell Martin @ RB, Spillane to come in at CB when he''s fit again??? Spillane started CB in PL''s first game in charge so not a completely unimagineable prospect and only lost his place there through injury before his wee spell at RB.[/quote] Great shout. Anyone know when he may be back? He may be the perfect partner for Askou as he can play with the ball on the floor. Something Nelson certainly cannot.
  8. If a goalkeeper makes a mistake it is usually costly, you don''t often see a mistake by a goalkeeper going unpunished. That is the problem with being a goalkeeper (I imagine), plenty of our players make plenty of mistakes- a certain rb springs to mind- but they get their chance again and again. I think he should be given another chance, he can''t be as bad as he opening day seemed.
  9. OK links aren''t working for me here... just copy and paste this into your search bar please - http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=ccbboyra4w92a7a664477.
  10. [link=http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=ccbboyra4w92a7a664477]This should now be a link[/link] And yes, I will also post it into O/T too, just for your good self.
  11. I know this is supposed to be in O/T but I wasn''t sure anyone actually went there... Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you could fill in my questionnaire for a module of my degree. The rough idea is to pitch a radio station idea, mine is a football talk station with a regional focus. So the East Anglia station would include Norwich, Ips*** and Col U at a push, if you follow. Thanks in advance to all those who participate and help me! OTBC
  12. We need another Crichton type keeper - experienced and willing to bench it for months on end. Forster- as good a shot stopper as he is- is slow with distribution and can''t kick if there''s a player within 20 yards of him. His decision making isn''t great with it either. He threw the ball to Holt in the left back slot with no city player anywhere near leaving Holt with no option but a hoof upfield. Seemed pretty pointless. Rudd has shown he can handle the pressure, come January I''d trust him.
  13. It''s such a long season, every team is going to have at least one dip in form- including Leeds and Charlton. Not saying I''m confident, but surely the play-offs are more than reachable.
  14. Do we have money to spend anyway, even without the sacking.
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