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  1. They looked very unhappy but they knew. I am still uncomfortable with that.
  2. That's not a ringing endorsement but more positive than not.
  3. FOOTBALL BETTING Next Norwich manager odds (via Sky Bet) Frank Lampard - 1/2 Russell Martin - 5/1 Steve Bruce - 10/1 Enrico Maa├čen - 12/1 Dean Smith - 16/1 Kjetil Knutsen - 16/1 Lucien Favre - 16/1
  4. Loved Farke but he did ostracise a fair few players during his time here.
  5. Gilmore would be pleased if true. He likes working with youth and plays decent football.
  6. Farke will walk into a top job in football. Give him Dortmund and he will thrive.
  7. Southampton are looking like a Norwich side in another life.
  8. Wow! An outbreak of humanity has just broken out on here! Brilliant previous two posts.
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