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  1. I am sure that Webber will have noticed how Villa have struggled defensively since Terry left in the summer. Shakespeare has not plugged that gap. I wonder who, if anyone, will be brought in to address our obvious frailties in this area of our play.
  2. It's true. Announced on Sky sports straight after an interview with TNC Reeve who warned everyone to watch out for FLs Norwich City
  3. Im not sure we are that clever at the moment.
  4. As a fan I will 100% support Norwich City and hope that our coach does well for us.
  5. It appears that bookies knew from the beginning. No smokescreen after all.
  6. I don't think she would be recruited for her physicality. I assume it would be for her coaching skills.
  7. It seems that well known names are more popular than quality coaches. I hope that is a fans view not an organisational view.
  8. He probably is the best and least likely candidate. Shame.
  9. I want to be wrong. Lampard may get the players fired up though as he is a big presence. In reality I hope he has a good coaching team as I think that he is an empty vessel.
  10. The names mentioned seem to be in the upper Championship level. Not top ten Premier League.
  11. Henry Winter in The Times brought up Russ again this morning.
  12. Tom Malley at the Mirror thinks Lampard or Russ. He states that the Suffolk club need to stay in the EPL. Wise words.
  13. Hi Olano Hope you can get to a game soon! (He flies in from Norway to watch our team.) It seems that you may have called this right. If so, what a scoop!
  14. I wonder if the Kenny bashers really understand his role in midfield. Imo he is and has been one of our most effective players.
  15. Reading all of these comments and ideas it has clarified my opinions on this issue. It seems obvious but the next coach has to be step up on Farke not sideways. We know that Farke romped the Championship twice. Has Lampard done this? If no then it is a step down. 6th is not Champions.
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