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  1. Love the rainbow laces. My 17 year old 6 foot 4 rugby player son wears them every game.
  2. Am watching as Sky is down. Let's hope for an Arsenal win.
  3. Dear Dean Please don't listen to any of the above. And play McLean every game.
  4. Thanks for the vid. Enjoyed the atmosphere. It's scrimmage btw.
  5. I like Mumba but really enjoyed Byram when he kept Max out of the side. Nice selection dilemma.
  6. Competition for Max would be a good thing as Aarons doesn't get a break.
  7. They don't see it. Same with McLean. It takes all sorts I suppose.
  8. Terry wants his own managerial position hence the need to find our own defensive coach.
  9. McLean will be first on the team sheet as Smith is a top coach.
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