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  1. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="passdinho"]it was Huckerby for diving for a penalty[/quote]   No main site say Drury got booked and will miss the Leeds game. [/quote]trust me i was there mate
  2. he was absolutly quality today - held the ball up, was all over the pitch - his first booking was ridiculous, his 2nd/3rd foul jumping against the centre-half, the second booking he deserved. But overall looked like he could be a really good foil for Earnshaw
  3. to be fair mate, with regards to Robinson, he looked class today once he went to centre-half. He even started passing the ball accurately! Pity about that idiot Doherty . . .
  4. Koimatsuba - surely a big striker would do little more than encourage the long ball football that has led to Norwich''s mini-demise in the last 2 years. What, might I ask, is wrong with team now? The defense is generally solid, which is all one may expect in the Championship. Except Doherty, the whole team is capable, and more importantly committed, to playing good football, with short passes from defense to midfield. Also, having one quality striker, Norwich''s ''affliction'' now, means that they must play five across the midfield. This suits Norwich greatly, as Huckerby has license to goal-hang, safe in the knowldge that Robinson will cover him. It also gives Safri and Etuhu much more freedom to push forward and influence the game. Finally, it makes the two wingers hug the touchlines, dragging the full-backs out of position and opening channels for Earnshaw to work in. A big striker will make these quality wingers redundant as we''ll only see Doherty and Shackell whacking the ball up in the air all game. Even Doherty is bright enough to realise he can''t do this with Earnshaw ( though bless Gary, he still keeps trying . . .)  
  5. Or you could just support the team, who are already drained of confidence after a p1ss-poor season, in a hope to bring the best out of them? But that would be silly . . . everyone knows having people constantly calling for your head improves performance!
  6. Holt was class until he nearly died of Pneumonia . . .
  7. this thread assumes that the vast majority of fans actually think that Worthington''s sacking is the best course of action, which is not the case. Most fans realise that the Premiership was a step too far for Worthington and the squad and that this has been a bad season. This lack of support was obvious at the "protests" in recent weeks, which were rather reminiscient of the Mary Celeste. . .  
  8. at the end of last season, i said that the promotion side should be built around him, Safri, Ashton and Green down the middle of the park and i''ve seen nothing to change my mind that this would have been the best course of action. Unfortunately, he has suffered with injuries and then the form of Doherty and Davenport (now Rehman). Now though he should be given a chance in a defence that conceded four goals last match 
  9. Casillas Mancini Nesta Terry Carlos Joaquin Gerrard Makelele Ronaldo Henry Ibrahimovic Subs: Ward, Safri, McVeigh, Huckerby, Magilton   About as likely . . .
  10. if you''re that fickle then i doubt anyone will mourn your absence
  11. I shouldn''t worry what people say as about 90% of this boards members are either delusional or very dim 
  12. [quote user="ncfc4eva"] Earnshaw. Played his whole career scoring hatfuls of goals due to service, defence splitting passes etc. What do we do...lets lump it up to him!! Earnshaw surely great in the air?!?!?...No Nigel. Im afraid he isnt. But thats where i get confused...were the players told to do this???? If there were then you know what i would say. If they werent then why arnt the players doing as they are told? [/quote] Hit the nail on the head here . . . Why would any manager tell his players to play the ball in the air to a very short striker? Answer: They Wouldn''t. Yet Norwich players still seem to do so on a regular basis to Earnshaw, despite the fact that Worthington would NEVER tell them to. Before every game thay do drills in short, one-touch passing, and then proceed to aimlessly hoof the ball upfield during the match. In my opinion, there is little more Worthington can do to promote ''attractive'' football. Therefore surely the blame for this style of football should be placed at the feet (or hooves) of the players rather than the manager?
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