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  1. If Boothroyd took us up, people would soon stop caring about how ugly we played under him. After all, Ron Saunders is rightly a legend here, yet he knew all about playing ugly to get the results needed. Horses for Courses - if Boothroyd took us up, I wouldn''t care if it was done by arming the players with machine guns and Howitzers.
  2. It is because Norwich fans have been so loyal through difficult times that they had every right to be angry and protest. I did not join the demonstration myself, but fully understand why people did. Blind faith in anything will get you nowhere and just makes people ignorant. Saturday was the last straw for many loyal fans - there are plenty of them, despite what you think.
  3. That''s a long old trip to Exeter! I hope the result goes the right way. I''m pleased for our fans who travelled to the west country tonight. I know what it''s like to travel home through the early hours after a heinous defeat and not get to bed until 7am. It''s not pleasant!
  4. [quote user="After you''ve heard the chimes please stay seated"]whens the second round draw ? Tomorrow night, I think.
  5. Hoolahan and Holt, surely? I didn''t expect this tonight. A very pleasant surprise. An away win in the cup! Blimey. Unchanged team on saturday? I hope so.
  6. I did wonder when we signed Alnwick whether it meant that Gunn had watched Theoklitos after signing him on Crook''s recommendation, only to subsequently realise that he had in fact signed a load of old cack. Perhaps we now have our answer.
  7. Theoklitos was still at fault for goals 2, 4 and 5. For the first, he and Otsemobor share the blame - it was a terrible back pass, but Theo still lost his head and flapped at thin air. He should have held the shot for the second. He was hopelessly positioned for the free kick (goal 4). He flapped in no mans land for goal 5. Oh, and he was awful for number 7 as well when he came rushing out, making it easy to set up an open goal. The rest of the team were dreadful as well, but Theoklitos was utterly awful, probably the worst performance ever by a City keeper. He is a clown.
  8. Well, Alnwick is only here for 3 months so we may as well use him and get some moneys worth, otherwise he will just be another pointless loan signing to whom we will have paid wages for nothing in return. I''d like to see Rudd get a run ahead of Theoklitos, though, who I hope never to see play for us again.
  9. I hope we never see that clown Theoklitos in a City jersey again. I saw Simon Tracey and Jamie Ashdown play during their ill-fated spells with us, and Theoklitos is worse than both of them.
  10. Let''s hope none of our defenders get injured tonight, then. I would have had at least Dumic on the bench.
  11. Colchester Canary - I bet you''ve had some ''fun'' in that part of the world since saturday...!
  12. [quote user="LQ"]Well call me a happy clapper but I hope we WIN!AlnwickSpillachio - Doc - Askou - DruryWhaley - Gill - Adeyemi - WesHolt - CodyGet in![:P] [/quote] Good to see that not everyone on here subscribes to the ''I hope we lose so that Gunn gets the sack'' mentality. I really get sick of hearing that garbage.
  13. Holt, Maric, Cody and Martin should all be ahead of Cureton in the pecking order. Cureton has had chances and screwed up.
  14. Glad to see the back of Theoklitos, Nelson and the wretched Otsemobor. Pleased to see McDonald and Spillane get starts. Adeyemi, too. Let''s hope they do enough to get a place on saturday ahead of the Muppets that they have replaced.
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