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  1. [quote user="Myra Hawtree"]I note that this campaign is on-going despite the new season and all that has happened with the changes on the Board (and now manager). I cannot understand what "fans" have against Delia? She came in with money to save the Club and I''m sure is now happy to take a back seat and let others on the Board do the work. Obviously she was involved with the managerial appointments but not on her own. The vitriol seems completely unwarrented. So what if Delia does decide to resign from the Board? She could call in her loans and where would that leave the Club? In administration or worse. It''s just like the "Sack the Board" brigade. So, the Board is sacked, then what? Someone has to run the Club. Hopefully the new Board members will do this to enable the Club to get back to the Championship at least. [/quote]13 years 1 successful season nuff said
  2. mcnally snake in the grass be very careful peeps
  3. [quote user="Barclay hero"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Rubbish. They did what had to be done. Putting the same team back out at half time is one thing, but then telling everyone post match wasn''t sure what went wrong or why he did that?[/quote] Two year contract in May. 12 players signed since. One league game, one cup game. Fired. New manager will inherit Gunn''s players, an empty kitty, and a few days to work the transfer market. = Panic. The Empress clearly has no clothes, but who will call her bluff? She might strike lucky, but I doubt it. The club has become too soft and feminised to compete effectively in a hard world - and now over-reacts in the brutal and callous (they would call it decisive, I expect) way in which they cast out Gunn. Dear oh dear, what next? It''s been pretty clear for some time now that nothing less than a new owner with a clear vision and high expectations is likely to turn the club around. OTBC [/quote] Sounds like one of Smudger''s fantasies to me.... [/quote] DON''T SMUDGERS FANTATASIES BREAK FORUM RULES?
  4. the board are a disgrace, the club has no money yet the players get a weeks holiday in the west country.
  5. [quote user="Scooby"]So it''s ok for "fans" to hurl abuse at him but he''s not permitted to return the compliment? Let''s not forget he was not on the pitch he was outside the ground on his way home. had he been out for a meal that evening with friends/family and some so called fan started hurling abuse at him I suppose he''s supposed to sit there and smile politely is he? I''m buggered if I would. I wouldn''t blame him if he left immediately. [/quote]HE''S SUPPOSED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL
  6. [quote user="Canaryfan7"]I will just sit on the toilet for two hours with my trousers down.[/quote]i''d use delia as the bog
  7. LOOK WHAT I FOUND IT''LL MAKE YOU GIGGLE - TYPICAL OF THE TORYGRAPH http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/championship/3033341/Delia-throws-open-doors-to-proletariat.html
  8. [quote user="Brendan"]Yes... We dont have a right back other than him, we have players who can play there, but not right backs. Also, i still think he is a decent player, has Ronaldo, Rooney, Messi etc never had a bad game? Yes he does often play bad, but hes undoubtly very quick, and if he can get the right training, or somehow gets a brain i think he could be quite good. Long shot but you never know...[/quote]SOMEHOW GETS A BRAIN bang on Brendan
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