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  1. Prem- Man UTD Championship- Reading    League 1- Southampton League 2- Gillingham, with Cody being their top goal scorer!!! City top scorer- Martin with 13 Final position- 14th 1st red card- Holt
  2. [quote user="chicken"][quote user="Larry David"] [quote user="Jim Kent"]Then why give him a new contract then?[/quote] Was triggered by a certain number of appearences IIRC [/quote] I hate this comment, it keeps re-occuring but actually doesn''t hold much water. It makes it sound like Lambert was forced to give him a new contract but the truth couldn''t be further from the truth. Apparently he hit the number of appearences needed after January - after we had signed Oli. The fact is if Lambert didn''t rate him full stop then he simply wouldn''t have given him the appearences to trigger the new deal. He would have shipped him out on loan or let him go for free. I think Lambert understands how players work, a season on loan at Gillingham will define whether he is good enough for league one or two and whether he should have a shot at Championship football. In addition to that should we attain the unthinkable - and I think it will be a hefty battle to do it - and get promoted, will we be needing him in the premiership? Its best for all parties. I for one like the guy so I hope he goes onto score buckets of goals and come back and do it for us. [/quote] The club could still have said they are not giving him a new contract tho if they didnt think he was up to it!
  3. I think we r getting abit ahead of ourselves here!!! But then again il be the first to eat my words if we do!!!
  4. I think cody has the potential to do well in the championship too! League 1 is more physical and suits bigger players! championship is more speed and more off the ball move ment, which i think cody does just as good as the 2 main strikers from last year!!! the only reason he didnt really get a shout last term was because martin and holt were scoring for fun, but when he did get his chance he took it well with a couple of goals.shame he got injured when he did! Scored on his debut against cardiff and was probably our best player against reading in his first start! alot of people forget he did score some important goals last year!!!
  5. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Surely a joke thread. How on earth can you compare Holt with Cody. Although we have won both games without the great man, we have missed him badly. Work rate, vision and far more skill that given credit for. Cody has a bit of promise but just can''t see him making it any higher than this league.[/quote] how can u say that?he played in the championship last season, made 7 or 8 appearences scoring on his debut!was my man of the match for the reading game in which he started!?!?!?!?
  6. i thnk lappin is over rated!cant question his love for the club but to me an average player thats getting hyped up!!!
  7. the work permits also goes on weather the country they play in is in the top 70 in world rankings! man city tried signing a player from parma n because he plays for kenya(they are 94) they couldnt get a work permit
  8. [quote user="Twitchy"]Reports say there will be one new face at Man City before the end of January, apparantly Lescot and Tevez are fighting over it already.[/quote] haha!quality,had this as a status on myface!!!someones been on sickipedia!!!
  9. [quote user="Freebie City F.C."][quote user="porkyp"]come on come on chaps, I wouldn''t doubt Lamberts choice at all......bearing in mind that 15 months ago Oli Jhonson was playing NON LEAGUE football prior to going to Stockport......and Cody came from Dartford to us......and we aren''t all lamenting them are we!!!![/quote] Those two are a long way from being proven good enough for League 1 let alone the Championship if we go up.[/quote] how can you say that when cody played 7 or 8 times last season in the championship!scoring 1,and played really well when coming off the bench!not forgetting his 90 minutes against reading!!!
  10. [quote user="Panic"]Games off so far tomorrow in League 1:Brighton v Brentford Oldham v Leyton Orient Southampton v Huddersfield Charlton v Hartlepool Bristol Rovers v Stockport MK Dons v Swindon Yeovil v Colchester Gillingham v Tranmere Carlisle v Millwall Southend v WalsallProbably already mentioned on here. We have the undersoil heating, but the Fulham game has been called off because of safety around the ground. However, I''ll be suprised if we aren''t on to be honest.[/quote] fulham are the only club in the pl that dnt have undersoil heating i believe!!!
  11. of course hes turned down the job, as he has said he is staying at norwich!!!
  12. [quote user="First Wazzock"]A woman brings eight-year-old Johnny home and tells his mother that he was caught playing doctors and nurses with Mary, her eight-year old daughter. Johnny''s mother says, "Let''s not be too harsh on them.... they are bound to be curious about Sex at that age." "Curious about Sex?" replies Mary''s mother. "He''s taken her appendix out!" Two Asian heroin addicts have injected themselves with curry powder by mistake - both are in intensive care... One has a dodgy tikka and the other one is in a korma. I just saw that Harry Potter film. A bit unrealistic if you ask me. I mean, a ginger haired kid, with two friends? I had a mate who was suicidal. He was really depressed, so I pushed him in front of a steam train. He was chuffed to bits. [/quote] some1s been on sickipedia!!!
  13. How about lolly badcock,she is from norwich!!! she works on babestation(906) in the evenings check her out!!!
  14. every season one team will be totally out played and get a thumping!its just a shame it has happened to us and on our first game of the season to one of our east anglia rivals! i dnt think this result will pave the way for the rest of the season!remember there is still another 45 to go and i still expect them to make a automatic place or a play off finish
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